The lost Relic weapons

Most-- but not all-- weapons have a Relic version (e.g., there are no variants of heavy weapons). I don’t recall any in-universe explanation for why any given one exists, so I assume there’s also no good reason (other than obvious effort & return value, or the weapon not being in the original game) to not make variants of other weapons. So today’s dumb thought experiment is: what should those missing weapons be/do?


  • Relic Breaker Mace - Can only heavy ground slam attack, but sets damaged enemies on fire.
  • Relic Buzzkill - Slower fire rate, but Active hits cause bleed damage, and Active kills cause a short nearby Intimidation Fear effect regardless of wielder’s class.
  • Relic Cryo Cannon - Instead of continuous fire, it has 3 distinct rounds like a Boomshot that explode to leave an Area Of Effect cloud that freezes enemies.
  • Relic RL-4 Salvo - Just make it a Mortar.

What should a hypothetical Relic Scorcher do? What about Relic grenades? How about going to CrazyTown with Relic fortifications?

Or if you prefer, what are better Relic behaviors than what the existing weapons have (I’m looking at you, waste of time Relic Lancer)?

Should instead be. Can only Heavy Attack 1 single time and it breaks BUT it does all the damage of the heavy attacks a full regular mace would have.

They could just make it a meme and have it shoot Ice. A more mobile cryo cannon.

Relic-flashbangs - flash all Enemies on the Map :joy: (i’m kidding)

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Permanently blinds enemies. Forever. They’re just stunlocked in the stun pose forever (and a white cane appears as a “weapon” on their back).

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I could see this STILL somehow not working on the boomshot scion in front of me.

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The boss enemies would hate us all.

Relic “Red Shirt” bots. They are actually helpful.

Well, being a 1-hit-wonder that instantly disappears would explain why you can’t find any in game lol. What about instead going the opposite way for durability? The Relic Breaker Mace heavy attack does 1/8 the damage and includes damaging you, but that damage is vampirically applied to regenerate the mace’s durability?

Perhaps a bit excessive :slight_smile: but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Relic Shock Grenade that had a 50m (e.g., Interrogation L6 distance) EMP effect that stunned all electronic DeeBee enemies (especially fliers).

Maybe a Relic Flashbang could instead be: double the ammo capacity and work like campaign Jack’s upgraded freezing Flash. Not sure if that helps or hurts the Impervious Scions bug or not. Can you actually get bleed damage on frozen enemies?

I’d certainly vote for that. Do Relic Decoy fortifications also become additional mobile AI players like the old Level 4 ones used to do pre-Gears 5?

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Uhm YEAH 3x the amount (not only bleed, damage in general) to be exact which is why it’s always a good Idea to use a Cryo on Flocks or Sentinels to support whatever teammate in Match is
responsible for Killing spongy bosses.

me too

When I first heard of the relic weapons, I thought they would be things like the breechshot, retro, booshka, gorgon, sawed off, etc… you know, guns from the previous games that took place 30-50 years ago… actual relics lol. Also, the breechshot was in Ascendance, which furthered my anticipation.

I thought it would be cool to wander through the snow covered wilderness, and stumble across a rusty old breechshot, retro, or whatever, that got frozen in ice but still worked somehow.

They even could have made it so when you first picked them up, you immediately reloaded it automatically with the weapon jam animation (like when you miss a reload), making it seem like they weren’t functioning properly at first due to age and weathering.

Unfortunately, all we got were reskins with abilities that mostly belong to another weapon.

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I like that the relic retro kills show the salvo icon which show that coding wise it’s just a full auto salvo with more ammo. Best weapon in the game.

Relic torque fires regular arrows and is the only relic that is actually worse than the normal version.

I think hypothetical relic heavy weapons should be worse versions for added funstration.

i.e. A relic mulcher that is just an actual organ grinder that comes with a dancing monkey. Just absolutely useless in combat.

Fun fact: The Relic Gnasher shows an Enforcer icon which is very strange.