The locust have been ruined

So in my opinion I really think the coalition completely ruined the locust horde and thier orings because I really hate the idea they used hallow creature dna to create the siers and then using myrrah cells combined with sier dna to create the matriarch because it’s just completely stupid and doesn’t make sense at all and when I read the locust orings before gears 5 came out I read that locust were actually children of the siers that born different than thier parents and it also said myrrah was a descendant of one of the scientist at new hope which I always assumed had to been niles himself since him and myrrah both have the same british accent and both care for the locust very much and the hive mind is further more nonsense the grubs were never ever a hive mind they are just a normal savage race of monsters that have thier own opinions and personalities and free will and not a fan of myrrah being related to them either she was just a ordinary woman who had very good leadership qualities and considered the locust to be more human than human which is why they accepted her as thier queen and reasons why I hate the hallow creature dna idea because the emulsion always evolved differently which is why siers were not like the lambent humans we see in gears 3 because it didn’t reach that evolutionary stage yet and I always thought the scientist were just fan of this which is why they allowed the miners to further mutate into siers and then gave birth to more locust and the coalition probably just made all this sjw disrespecting mad fanfiction trash that we see in gears 5 just so that it could center around kate who is the very worse fake female character of all time and one more thing the locust most definitely not require a queen to be intelligent because locust have always been very intelligent and with the way they make weapons from junk and with how they tamed hallow creatures to be used as vehicles and equipment and they have been able to lead thier own kind very successfully thanks to leaders such as kran and raam and skroge and the last thing I will rant about is that grubs also don’t turn other humans into more locust that was just mating with berserkers to make more of themselves it’s such a shame to see the coalition completely ruined my most favorite video game monsters of all time like how ridely scott completely ruined the xenomorps orings just unbelievable :man_facepalming:


Paragraphs. Add them.


WoW! So much words! Such a readable post! :dog:


I agree pal. But not everyone is perfect when it comes to grammar, punctuation or paragraphs.

As long as I can read what’s written, I’m cool with that :joy:.


All I’m reading is that you’re mad your headcanon turned out to be wrong. Also, you should rewatch Gears 1 final cutscene.

What’s everyones issue with new-Kait? Yes, I prefered Beanie-Kait as well but at least she has more personality than " Hello, I’m Marcus Fenix’ son".

Ironic, considering that the Swarm created the Claw after Kait awakens Myrrah again. Same with the other weapons, all created while Myrrah was leading them.

D-did you not understand that the Locust sole purpose is to “win the war”? Why would they limit themselves to one kind of recreation? Especially with no Berserkers around anymore.

Covenant was the best Alien-movie. Fight me!


TC just explained the origin of the locust, but it was already kinda obvious,

Don’t get mad because you were wrong, be happy because you found the truth.


Yup yup YUP!!!

Which is EXACTLY why I had a bone with gears 5 story writers!!!


Just an agenda to make a female lead.

If it was that important to make a female rather a legend like Anya!!!

Imagine the community playing campaign through Anya!?!?

Heck even Bernie or Sam would make me explode in excitement

That new legendary fill for Dom & slowly groom the new characters…

Instead we got the hog wash Star Wars did. Force diversity & new characters we aren’t that attached to.

Instead of giving the full OG combo one last go to continue the trilogy of the new franchise…

A reeeeeal shame.

Also could’ve gotten JD! Every YouTube I look at about gears involving the story agrees JD should’ve been handed the torch.

This one had 90k to 2k but the “shove it in your face” Kait lead.

Nothing wrong with a female lead but just the way they did it was disagreeable

Hopefully this fresh blood gets it right or at least gives us something unique …

I’m sure they will.


Everything is forced now.

Crazy because the formula and lore is already there.

I hope to see Bernie or Sam someday.



I think I like Kait? Don’t get me wrong.

They just did not develop her into the franchise.

Maybe she gets trained by Sam, Bernie, Anya some legend!!

That’s what made JD so special. He was trained by Delta squad!!!

& JD embraced the rules of the COG, maybe a big stiff but that’s where you can develop him in the mirror image of his father!!!

Which cmon!!! Who doesn’t wanna see Marcus’s pup spawn into more of a beast than his father??

All of Delta squad in 1 man.

They still have a chance !!

Just think the whole Myrrah thing was lame.

Why make an OP woman in stories? It’s redundant in 2019-2020.

I mean she’s going to control the swarm, okay. But I’ll go with it if you can make it amazing.

Just saying.

Don’t get so wrapped up in today’s politics & embrace the pieces you have to build the future…

Besides… I want the future kids growing up to know what I felt as a kid.


I always thought Gears should have eventually morphed into a multiplayer only type of game.

I love the story lore, but I’ve only really cared about the multiplayer aspect since Gears 2 and onward.

This would allow TC much more dedication to the multiplayer.

I have faith TC can produce magic with that much focus on it.

Do a base Gears online only game and have all the characters, weapons and maps from the entire series.


Not sure what OP is on about, but he really seems to hate the Locust’s Onion rings (‘Orings’) for some reason…


Thank. You.

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Locust did use humans - see gears 2 and Baird almost being processed.

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It all makes sense now. The reason I exist. The answers to the universe. OP’s post. Everything.

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Orings are the answer to everything.

Oh god please add paragraphs…this is so unreadable…

Also, O R I N G S

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To be honest I’m actually very satisfied with their origins now because I just realized that Mara actually did have control over them because of that cerebral like machine but without it she couldn’t control them but that all changed when they became the swarm where she could control them if she wanted to to prevent traitors or like Charles Xavier she could kill them with her mind which is probably something she would rather do because she knew if there was a locust that would unwillingly never want to fight for her cause she could just kill them with a blink of her mind I can’t believe I was such a fool not to realize this and not to mention ukkon was just creating an impure breed of locust to be used as expendable muscle and instead of being called disciples they should have been called blights and the concept art of them looking like half locust and half Lambent should have been using the game and ukkon should have a son that reforms his father’s work by using the genetic enhancements for hand-picked locust rather than turning humans into expendable monsters because let’s say the blights remember who they were and then they rebelled against the locust for enslaving them and robbing them of their freedom and humanity and this would have motivate the queen to get rid of them especially since they became Lambent and making the infection worse so pretty much his son would succeed where his father failed from imperfect blight to perfected disciple and becomes the super soldier program of the locust like Spartans from Halo LOL :ok_hand:

BROOOOOOOOOOOOO are you dead replying after almost 1 yearr??

Honestly they’re good characters but they are so lackluster compared to their families and yet resident evil makes better legacy characters than the coalition does and I really love the idea that the resident evil characters are also getting old and it’ll be up to their children going up against the evil characters children and other threats something that gears of war really should have done and how I would have loved to see Raam have a son honestly the new gears of war saga should be retcon like Snyder cut of Justice League that make gears of war 4 and 5 better because I don’t think it’s woke I just think it’s lackluster pretty much the coalition turning good ideas lackluster which should never be the case ever.