The site is down

the livestream website is down, we cant get esports kait now, its also stuck at 0/60 mins

I’m watching just fine must be a browser issue on your end sorry to hear bro
Maybe different browser or clear cache cookies and history

check the twitch chat or look at the replies of the newest gears of war twitter’s tweet. the stream works for me on one tab but if i go incognito it doesnt work. it also doesnt count up the minutes its stuck at 0/60

Mine isn’t counting the minutes on sidebar quest either sadly

Mine shows 0/60 minutes but I’ve been watching for over 20 minutes

Same and okay hopefully just visual bug or maybe they don’t count it till the gameplay starts which would suck😩

having same issue my timer is not counting

That’s what I’m thinking if it doesn’t start till the gameplay does but if that’s the case they need to stop talking and start playing

Gameplay’s started but I have the same issue. Noticed that if I refresh the page it logs me back out every time :confused: This was not a good achievement idea at all lol.

After more of 90 min, I have always 0/60…

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Sadly same here

Mine works fine! Quality is good too, this time…

Octus said on Twitter they are working on the fix for Kait…Not really surprised though

doesnt work for me. in fact ots getting worse. now it just freezes when I try to log in. I don’t give a ■■■■ about the stream I just want the character

Please see THIS thread for an update. Thank you :slight_smile: