The lancer should matter - and an idea for a solution

The lancer doesnt matter at all anymore - you cant even prevent a person from picking up a power weapon with it.

As should all of the other second tier power weapons (boltok, talon, marzka, retro, etc.) they’ve all been rendered more or less useless. Theyre not even worth picking up.
Which leads one to ask - “Why are they there?”

I know people always complained about lancer fire, Which is funny for a shooter - the guns are supposed to hurt you.

I just played some Gears 4, and it is SO MUCH FUN! Active reloads, pop shots, an effective lancer, the retro lancer, . . . all of it.

What if, in gears 5, there were a option to play in an “old gears” mode that was fun and challenging?

And everyone that’s scared of lancer fire can just play weak-mode on their own.

How would y’all feel about that?


I kind of agree. A lot of the guns are useless and that shouldn’t be the case


Honestly, every mode should be Gnashers only as thats the only weapon people use.


I miss the lancer. It was my weapon to keep players away from a gnasher show down lol. Rush me with your gnasher all you want but im gonna ise the lancer on you. Honestly it wasn’t a 100% and players got to me for a gnasher fight more than not but it was fun. Even when it was used on me I just dodged, rolled and made cover to avoid and I thought that was intense. Now its just a meh VS experience.


They should really make a Gnashers Only Playlist.

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I’m indifferent on it. On one hand I’m like you to where it is kinda silly that you can rarely down someone picking up a weapon. You can if you get headshots or unload the whole clip but even then when he’s down you’d have to probably reload and that takes time. On the other hand I like how for it to be super useful you have to team shot, makes solo queuing a little more tolerable when you going up against sweats and in masters this is usually every game. I like it where it is now. Play more with the team. Set up crosses start team shotting more

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I’m honestly glad more people have these same opinions. I used to see posts all the time that complained about how the lancer was OP, yet I have seen it as almost completely useless. If you want to use a rifle, you have to pick up the Retro or Hammerburst.
After years of playing Gears, I am relegated to Arcade, vs. AI, Coop and Custom Games because the balancing is so ■■■.



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