The Lancer Rifle

I have in Wasteland 3…


Is this a crossover or just like a nod

I’m pretty sure it’s a nod.

Especially considering the secondary weapon. Athough realistically, fusion reactions inside someone would just rip them apart instantly. And probably kill the one who fired the weapon. Or anything within the vincinity most likely.

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That’s dope

That’s amazing

Yeah what AmicableWall421 said basically.

Got a cog loose :rofl: not sure why, but that got me


A bit like Gears 5 really, it has an few cogs loose.


havin’ the regular lancer on other games… that’s sick .

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I really dont mind gears 5, I play it super casual thou these days, compared to the gears 1 and 3 days when I played it daily, but short of it not having my fav modes (warzone, execution) It still mostly delivers.


Yeap. Gears 4 was my first gears title and I truly enjoyed playing that on the daily solo and with friends - even with the obnoxious issues that would crop up.

Gears 5… ehh… it’s fine. I regret spending 60 bones on it primarily because I only play versus - never really touched campaign and I really just don’t get the same enjoyment as I did with Gears 4 in versus. Really can’t put my finger on a specific reason why… I just don’t. But, hell, that was almost a year ago. I bought way dumber stuff for 60 bucks since then.

I will say that the major roadbumps of Gears 5 after launch made for good fun and shenanigans at CleverFergusson’s expense. So I got some money’s worth there.

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Tell me, who or what place accepts bones as currency?

I’ll be digging up some dead people ASAP!

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Who the collector is would entirely depend on whether ‘bone’ is being used as a noun or a verb in reference to an exchange.

But for the noun type… Head on over to The bone room

It’s not pr0n, I swear.

Get to diggin’!

Now can we get the OG lancer as a skin. That’d be great

I think i have spended more than 60 bones man @AliceInChainsaw but I think its worth the cash everytime I do a blindfire on the longshot and it works great. so in that way I’m happy with thte product.

the gnasher man… well… it still its broken . and i don’t like the spread effects on the lancer still.