The lancer is insanity

Remember shooting your lancer and the bullets actually connected with your target?

Remember when shooting your lancer didn’t feel like you were shooting a jack hammer?

Remember when the lancer didn’t have that stupid CoD-like sound when shots connect?

With the netcode so horribly bad, wouldn’t it make sense to revert back to the old hit detection style?

If you get the crap side of the lobby, it’s almost impossible for the lancer to function properly.

Whatever though.

Game is dying.

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Lancer on gears 4 feels good and not overly powerful IMO, punishes you if you’re out and about bot-walking. Recoil is more realistic too it’s just totally random on 5 to the point where I’d rather use the snub.

It’s not even a support weapon on gears 5 it’s an absolute bag of wank


Mainly because all the people who think the gnasher should be the only weapon in the game complained enough to get the Lancer nerfed into oblivion.


Just stop playing 5.

All these nerfs are unacceptable.

I know it’s hard not playing but that’s the best you can do.

For no reason too.

They do.

It doesn’t.


I can live with either “style”

Gnasher lovers killed the lancer

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Gnasher is overall just a more fun weapon to use. It’s a fan favorite and the core of PvP. Should it be the only weapon you use , have 90% of your overall account kills with it? No. Should you be insulted and demeaned because you didn’t head down gnasher rush someone coming out of spawn? No. Gears of War PvP community has a lot of great, talented, smart and respectful players but that is HEAVILY outweigh by the idiots who don’t want to rifle IN A SHOOTER

From my perspective the Lancer only becomes a problem when its being abused from proper map control. This rarely ever actually happens though.


Since OP4 the lancer’s only use is to keep my back warm for my Longshot. The snub is stronger.


Been trying to get into ranked in Gears 5 again but I just can’t enjoy it. The lancer is absolute garbage, it does nothing. Gnasher is ok and movement is fine but I dont care if they go back to the previous movement.

But daaaamn the lancer suuuucks. Kills versus for me

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I never play ranked and the only time I did was to get the golden loudout to match the gilded character skin

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