The lancer is broken

With op 5 we saw a new tuning that decided to do things that well…we’ve been over.

We don’t need to cover that here. This is about the lancer and only that. So let’s try to stay on that point and not make this a tuning thread.

They nerfed the lancer almost into it being worthless. It’s decent for chip damage and support. But it’s always been good for that when used correctly.

The issue right now is that it’s so weak that you can run up and pick up a weapon with out little fear of being downed.

Take foundation torque bow. You used to be able to sit back and lancer from the sides. You got punished if you went in blazing thinking free gun. That’s not a thing anymore.

Now I have to push to the statue and shotgun over the weapon. Which you know if the guy throws a smoke I have that option as well as I always did. Now lancering didn’t always mean I’d get the person down from the side. But I stood a good chance.

I’m using this as an example because it’s what I consider the sweet spot for a lancer power. It’s the proper place to use it and not have your shotgun out. Sure you can charge but you won’t make it. Same goes for boom on that map. You charge and you are most likely dead from the boom…unless you know you manage to pick up one of those booms that can’t kill anything even if it’s an active at their feet leaving you stunned that anyone could think that’s OK and then you get gibbed…

So I’d assume the lancer needs to be buffed at a certain distance in order for this to take effect.


I fully agree it is now too weak.


100% agree. If im not mistaken the pellet count to down someone now is the same as comp tuning in G4. Escalation in G4 catered to team play more so than any other mode from my experience (most people playing together). In these circumstances, the gun was placed well (tuning wise) as a support weapon.

G5’s lancer as a solo player in more open game modes (KOTH for example) is just too weak. Not only that, it’s harder to shoot than G4’s, thus making it even more useless for the majority of situations. Furthermore, the reticol and pellet hit readout is extremely hard to see in real time. At the very least, they could at least adjust the color of the reticol when a pellet registers as damage. I think it only does this if you are hitting the head currently?

To be honest, i like nothing about the lancer in G5. Its sounds terrible, the recoil is like a tamed down retro lancer, and the visual ques are just not easy to see. Its not a “fun” gun to shoot like 4’s was. That gun shot with authority, 5’s sounds and feels like a pee shooter.


I’m not to worried about pellet count. 20 more pellets isn’t gonna help you when the dude is already down the stairs running towards the hill.

Let’s take boom shot. The lancer can’t drop a dude from the side columns right at the bottom of the ramp. That shouldn’t happen. The lancer at that distance should drop you. The lancer at that distance acts like it should if I was at the top of the ramp firing at boom. Which is wrong. If I’m at the top of the ramp and he gets away I am perfectly willing willing accept that. It’s logical.

Down by the c columns? Nope I don’t.

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This ain’t Call of Duty


Best Lancer Gears 3 of course.


That thing was a beast.


It needs a slight damage increase.

Unpopular but I miss the Active Damage / ROF Boost.



Back when the game was brutal and rightfully so, not filled with BB guns.


No its not. So you agree we should get rid of the knife melee as well…awesome!


Just another part of the skill gap IMO.

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what was the point of them increasing the mag size to 40 ? they said it was to down and kill the opp with one mag.

what happened to that? wont they adjust the mag size now?

just something i find interesting, not necessarily what i think. im still with the bigger point of why they refuse to touch this new tuning/balance

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Personal opinion for me I generally miss the sound of the bullets leaving the chamber on an active. Sounded freaking awesome.



Same :disappointed_relieved:

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The active / rof for the lancer.

I read somewhere they are willing to tweak things a little. Tweaking the lancer damage drop off like this should fall into that area I’d think.


Agree that is too damn weak. Lancer has always been a good weapon but in 5 it shoots peas. As you said OP the fact that you can’t always down someone that is picking up a power weapon in the open is ridiculous.


StAcKs DoN’t MaTtEr


Stop moving. Burst fire. Aim for the head. They’ll go down.

It’s nerfed, but it’s still useful and still annoying if someone knows how to actually use the gun.


Not the issue

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