The lag just keeps getting worse

now im starting to rubberband. seems like coalition is good at collecting money for their games and neglecting the people that are putting money in their pockets. A great way to push people off of xbox and move on to playstation

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,. have a grand time on PlayStation. Such a lost to Microsoft oh well back to the other consumers who play other games and not base there whole life around gears. lmao

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Boss: Do we know what’s causing the sudden drop?

MS: A user by the name of “Animosity175” pledged his allegience to Sony.

Boss: My god…we’ll never recover


Illiteracy at its finest. You two must be brothers

2nd cousins I think. Means they could date legally.

Had a pretty good time with this game on xsx until about 6 weeks ago. Its completely broken for me now. Packet loss symbols there every 5-10 secs. Network test on xsx says 0%Packet loss. Think they are moving resources elsewhere. Dont think an Australian server exists for qp anymore.

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Agreed. I hardly ever had an issue with connection and yesterday the game kicked two players out from the match and then kicked me out. They punish me despite being a game’s fault.

Strange. I never have connection issues. Ever.

The same here … yesterday I was playing and in my settings I chose to find matches with low ping and anyway I got matches with pings around 140 and 150

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