The Labyrinth - GL-Supply-room

In Chapter 2 there’s a supply-room with a GL and some ammo boxes on the left side right before the final area. Entering or rather mantling cover INTO the area is no issue. However, trying to get out results in your char going complete nuts and won’t let you out over the right side. The middle kinda works but still not ideal when you have to deal with 2 wardens.
This happened on 3 consecutive attempts.

Has anyone had this issue before?

Also; Week 9 of Forever remaining broken. If you still need to beat Master, do it now. Half of the Hive is on vacation.


Yes, definitely had this issue before where it screwed runs on that hive over because I was Lahni and the game just refused to let me jump over any of the covers leading out of the GL supply room, and I mean any. Absolutely infuriating.

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Has it always been that way or is this a new thing they “introduced” with OP3? I haven’t played that Hive until recently.

I had it happen on the very 1st part of LAST STAND map when u drop down where all the gear is, also happens on labyrith map as u say. Very annoying

It has happened since these maps 1st came out, its nothing new.

Honestly don’t know, first time I encountered that sort of bug was on The Trap where in the second act I was unable to cross some cover where the game kept bugging my character back to where I started the cover mantle. So I couldn’t do anything for that run since I was stuck because of a ridiculous bug. You’d think that in a cover based shooter they’d actually get the cover mechanics and interactions right 100% of the time.

On The Labyrinth, I never went to the GL side often so I only encountered that cover issue in Op 2 and haven’t gone there since. Not worth the bother.

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Great. So it’s another bug that might ruin runs. Good thing this will never get fixed while TC continues ■■■■■■■ around with the Gnasher in PvP…

I mean it would be if the area worked. The 3 shots in the GL are enough to kill 90% of the final wave and unlike the other side that only has a Salvo doesn’t trap you with 2 Wardens, 2 Pouncers and a bunch of Juvies.

Yeah it’s an ongoing issue. You have to take a long run up, vault and try to get it so that the vault animation starts before this glitch does, and even then it’s not gauranteed.

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