The knife must go! There's a better way! (of life) Dream inspiration

Instead of the “party crashing thrashing” knife. it’ll be more of a fair fight if you were able to do this: to me this just feels like gears. It reminds me of a chainsaw battle.

Grabbing behind someone’s neck to pull their head in, to knee them in the stomach. It’ll all be reversible (counterable: from the grab and after) with either faster button smashing or timed button presses.
Another button pop-up will appears to let you know you can now do your number of different combos.

I support the idea of something appearing explaining “press any 1 button faster to do a combo” when the time comes. (after 1-3 land stomach hits)

Maybe your thumbstick’s position while smashing the same button depends on which combos will happen. After enough hits to the stomach have been landed. Maybe the: A,x, b, y, triggers, and bumpers, and thumbsticks pressed faster when this time comes… Will be the combo button pressing explanation for a combo. Maybe the combos can be allowed right after the grab if you do it fast enough or/& correctly within a certain time, or whichever way. The best way is the way I support, as far as I know.

On the flip side; the one countering the person’s hits will Time a block perfectly or press it faster. That results in their leg snapping and bleeding out. The leg would look similar to when Anderson Silvas’s leg was snapped by a timed block.

This idea was brought to you by a dream me and my brother was in. We were talking about how the knife needs to go, and this needs to happen. Needless to say, the desire to immediately record it woke me up. Which is what I did, which helped make so many edits. (I even changed the title)
PS: this is also a great idea for mortal Komat too. The Coalition “would you request this idea to them”? You might have to make a new game mode or something though for you.

It sounds like you’re trying to bring the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons grappling rules into Gears


It’ll still only have the current reach that the knife does now.(with wallbouncing not having it work: like it does now)
Either wise it’ll wouldnt work.
Maybe even less than that to the point that you can’t do it In the middle of a wallbounce… maybe you can do that with the knife now; not sure, how the mechanics of the knife are but it’s pretty fair, or sort of now. Sort of if this isn’t the case. (If the lunge reach still happens in this case).

I’m thinking about using the b button Melee things (w/the butt of their guns) but not people/ the enemy. That b button therefore won’t do anything at all when they aren’t close enough within the rules laid out before. (LOL, I guess in this next installment of gears, the people are more confident to fight the swarm. That or their armor wasn’t fit for knives, or whatever.)

So bring in MK: Armageddon’s fatalities instead of knifing?

Not sure, The grab and knees to the stomach would have to be potentially deflectable/ reversible though.

I’m fine how it is now. I don’t like the idea of having a sort of mini quick-time-event added to the melee system (countering etc). The counters are fine for mantle kicks and actual grabs over cover, but I wouldn’t want it for normal melees.

Maybe I can persuade you…it would be exactly like it is with chainsaw battles except different possibilities when the time to “finish them” (so to speak) pops on screen with the sentence “press any 1 button (faster) to finish them”
Maybe would have to use another word besides “finish them” though.

I like the creativity.

But, I don’t think this should be a thing. You’re setting yourself up to be pasted with the long animations. It would also make 1v2’s, 1v3’s, etc. impossible because one dude would just go for the grab.

It’s sort of like a mantle kick, except you can do it anywhere. It wouldn’t matter if the person perfectly countered the grab, they’re still stuck in an animation ready to be blasted.

The reason chainsaws are not used it’s because they tend to be very long and it equals a trade. You only go for chainsaw kill when you are trolling, it wouldn’t be a legitimate strat to use it.

If anything it would only be used when you wanna have fun or troll others.

Then it’s time for a New game mode… anybody?

Coming from someone who loves the gnasher and the unique gameplay that comes with it, I thought arcade was a cool idea. I wonder if it would’ve caught on in a ranked setting.

It’s a shame really. TC innovated with arcade and escape and they end up getting canned before the end of Gears 5’s life. (And both modes were great imo)

Now that I’ve gone completely off topic - to answer your question - sure why not? I’d like to see the return of Brothers to the End

How about a game mode, where you must go through the animations I’ve described. Or win a chainsaw battle in order to defeat your opponents?

A literal tournament of chainsaw dualing. I like it😂

This sort of melee combat was planned for Gears 1. It’s mentioned in the original Game Informer cover article. But it had to be cut, and we all know why.

That said, I think you’re addressing a real problem with melee combat and knife kills in Gears. There is a better way for TC to implement these systems, but they need to do it in a way that’s more streamlined than the old systems.

For one thing, mantle-kicks and yanks are simple to do, and easy to counter when you’re paying attention. That’s a great system that adds to the cover system, but in a way that feels great, and is easy to learn. That’s great! However, it doesn’t tie in well with the meatshield system, which is part of the cover system. Once you knife someone, they cannot be a meatshield, and you’ve taken a shortcut to an execution.

You can kick or yank someone and then hit ‘X’ to meatshield them (no tool-tips explain this, so most people don’t know; I didn’t even know until recently), or you can just shoot them. So the only point of a knife kill is to do a quick execution on someone who isn’t DBNO yet. It looks cool and it feels good, but once you knife them… Their body falls useless. So shouldn’t we all just take meatshields instead of knife kills?

I think that the knife kills need a streamlining rework, and probably new animations to facilitate this. For one thing, a “knife battle” could co-opt the chainsaw duel system. And for another thing, there should be an option to take your knife kills as meatshields the instant the animation finishes.

Unfortunately, several knife animations in Gears 4, and many in Gears 5, do not facilitate this. The enemy is literally thrown away or tossed to the ground. And those animations are frigging cool, so nobody wants to lose them. So I don’t think we’ll get a melee rework.

I also think that regular melees should come back, but keep the combo system from Gears 5 (at least for PvP). This, too, needs a rework.

Right now it’s: slash, slash, hold ‘B’ to strike with your gun, then press ‘Y’ to do a knife kill or ‘X’ to take a meatshield.

It should be: punch, punch, hold ‘B’ to pull out your knife and do a knife kill, then press ‘X’ during that animation to keep the kill as a meatshield.

That’s fewer button presses for a better result, I think.

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