The Juvies Scream

First I want to thank @T0NY_HAYABUSA for getting this stick in my head lol

So our beloved Tony pointed out to me that the Juvies Scream is very similar to an Elks bugle. I can see TC using this as a sample for the Juvies. Now you all must live with this just like I do #sorrynotsorry


Elk are awesome and you are welcome.Also, I may add that the yield a ton of meat if you harvest a large male bull Elk. I haven’t had yet but I am hoping in the near future I will get one.


fu***k man… they sound exactly as a juvie @T0NY_HAYABUSA is right.

it would be awesome to have a mosin nagant rifle with a bad asss telescope and shoot it in head.


No no no…Juvies sound just like Elk…you had it backwards man.

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You’re telling me that the sound sample in the game isn’t from an actual juvie? it’s like finding out the easter bunny isnt real

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I–I thought this was common knowledge. I thought this back when we first saw them in 2015.

Btw Elk Burgers with the right amount of BBQ is orgasmic.

To be fair Elk arent a thing where I grew up and never really learned about them. I have had Elk burgers though they are delicious

I never grew up near them either I just knew the sound of a bull elk, and that the Juvies sounded like the pitch was just turned up.

But I watch a lot of Joe Rogan and Nature Docs so maybe that’s why.

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I watch a lot of nature docs as well and a little Joe Rogan from time to time but never came across this lol

I also watch a lot of stupid sh%t, have smoked a decent amount of mary jane in my life and am getting old so I could possibly forgot who knows lol


Being honest @ll_R_E_D_l if it wasnt for @T0NY_HAYABUSA I never would given a thought on Elk’s man hahahahaha

I didn’t know elks existed.

It’s strange the things you learn from the internet, I use to learn things like economics, chess or how to be better at Gears of war. but not elks


I’ve seen elk on TV before but never heard them do this lol. You really do learn something new everyday


since this thread I’m planning to watch a documentary on elks no learn something more about them hahahahaha.

I usually watch orcas, or dinosaur documentarys but not elks hahahahaa :smile:


Yeah man. If I had my Elk call, I could imitate them. Loud AF but still cool to do.

Bruh you never watched Cars? The tractor makes the same roar.

Ive seen bits and pieces with my nephews lol Cars aint no Incredibles


Cool video that sound thou,I certainly wouldn’t wont to run into a elk,especially a fully grown one,in a bad mood

Bruh they can run like 20 mph, stand 7-10 feet tall and weigh 700-1000lbs.

I’d almost rather try to fight a bear.

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I always thought they sampled a goat because of that “meh-eh-eh” sound they make sometimes.

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