The irony in Gears 5 next expansion

Anyone else see the Irony in the next expansion that is $20 but called Free for all?

The $20 is for a skin set, 30 day boost and 1000 iron. Operation 2 is free


The bundle is 1000 iron, 30 days of boost, four new characters and a weapon skin set.

Not the actual mode brotha


You guys are lightening in the the fast reply. Well done. Thanks for the info.

When will Kim be a character? He was always my Main COG

I didn’t see him, no. I guess we’ll just have to wait till maybe OP3 to acquire those codes . . .

They haven’t forgotten about him, I can tell you that. You can find his COG tags on a rock just outside the Tomb of the Unknowns on a rock, probably not far from where RAAM stabbed him.


Op 5

I really really need to grab all the collectibles. I didn’t know Kim’s tags were in game :frowning: I like how the collectibles are more “meta level” for lack of a better word. (You can find the Orders to Bomb Vasgar in the campaign, and the middle of the map is actually bombed out in versus.)

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The MP map for Vasgar is an airport destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn though(look outside on the right side of the map, there’s a massive crater with sandglass erupting outwards - doesn’t look much like a missile hit to me), not a Lightmass missile, which was intended to hit the forces Paduk sent to seize the targeting beacons at the cosmodrome training facility to stop them from taking control of the Hammer. But it is nice to have some references to things from within the game in MP maps. Like Icebound being set in the Riftworm village(did you know you can find a Riftworm bone flute near the entrance?).

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Damn that’s actually a really good deal.

Oh i thought it was because it gave you iron…hence irony

Lol. Ironic yes. A decent deal comparatively? I think so. Looks like I just spent a $20.

Is that deal legit or is it going to change?
And are the characters not unlockable if you dont pay.
Or are you paying to be able to unlock them?


The Operation 2: Free For All bundle includes all four new characters, the complete Eclipse weapon set, 1000 Iron and 30 days of Boost, all for $19.99. All Heroes and Villains can be individually earned by playing or purchased via the in-game store for 500 Iron each.”

You could say that Minh is your… Minh COG.

slow drum

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So the bundle basically unlocks the 4 new characters instantly. Well in that case this deal will change. Its too good.

Minh is my main too (although I’m contempt for now w/ Lt. Chutani)

Op5:Minh gets released

Me:Playing as Raam and downs him with the Raam Execution equipped

The PTSD he experiences in a matter of seconds physically and mentally:Image result for Minh kim getting stabbed

I always though that scene would make an awesome statue.

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