The IP The Coalition should bring back

After Gears of War 6 I hope the series reaches a final conclusion. Then The Coalition can work on a new IP or better yet do an existing one. I believe they can do Brute Force justice with the story touched upon.

As long as it stays kinda close to the original and has the same arcadey and silly feel. I’m probably one of the only fans of the game. But I feel it does deserve to come back.

One thing about the game that can be done is for it to connect games together. Think of it like a crossover for shooters, but as an Xbox exclusive. There can be DLC for Delta Squad, Mass Effect, and single character specials. Some that come to mind are Dead Space and Dark Sector.

I would say others like Halo and Perfect Dark, but those are first person shooters. If it’s not a problem then Joanna Dark’s special can be the Laptop Gun. Or Master Chief using a bubble shield.