The invisible weapons

First it was one handed salvo and now we have the invisible weapons. I’m seeing this more often now lol.

In additional, I didn’t knew the nade kills can give you stim as infiltrator class


I’ve seen this happen with nearly every weapon now. The GL is the worst because the targeting laser won’t appear


When I play infiltrator I notice that I usually get stim for non-shotty kills if I have my shotgun equipped, such as how you had yours equipped when you got the frag kill–I think you just need to be holding the shotgun in your hands (I could definitely be wrong on that though).:man_shrugging:

Edit: One thing that I do know for sure is that executions and melee kills with a shotty equipped give me stim.


This is the only class I can’t play well with in Horde well ever since they reduced the bleed range lol. The invisible weapons completely throws me off. Like they still work and still do damage but i am completely lost when it happens lol.

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Yep. Had the same happen to me last night playing Escape. No weapons in hand visual bug.

Had this happen with the Scorcher once, was legit having fun pretending I was fire bending lmao.

This happens to me almost every time I play these days. Think it started with the release of last operations?

I think any kill with Infiltrator gives stim if you have that card equipped.

Yeah! Now I also had this bug in an other, non Gears game, too! :sweat_smile:
This bug is heavily out of control, it seems! :crazy_face:

Well… Well… Well… Invisible weapons in Gears of War 4!

I didn’t have this problem until last week. Now I have invisible weapons almost 3 or 4 matches every day I play

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Bug fix:

Don’t go down !!!


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Maybe TC will patch it… oh wait… the game is dead! Long live the Bugs!