The Incoming Class system: Theories :D

I just wanted to hear everyone’s theories on how the system will work in OP 5.

I’ve checked into how many of each class there is so here it is so far but I left out grace because why would waste money on that thing.
•2 [1/2]scouts (cuz paduk)
•5 Tanks
•3 Supports
•3 offense
•1 [1/2] snipers (paduk again)
•3 Engineers

Now call me a dummy because I didn’t do that much research but all of these classes have different abilities and some are specific to others. I dont think TC will just scrap these ultimate and abilities (unless they do then this is pointless) so here’s a guess of how it could work I guess.

•They could set each class into their own respective group (Scouts,Tanks,Supports etc) and have the player select which they’d like to use. Each class will retain the past ultimates but let each player select the passive they’d like to apply to their character allowing a play style specific to the player. As for weapon loadouts I either think the same weapons should still be applied for each class or have all the horde loadout weapons available for players to select personally.

I figure also most cards will remain the same or maybe they’ll even change the character specific cards into something different. But each class card would most likely be coupled with their group (Tank cards all bunched together to let the player select what they’d like to use. You get the idea)

I do feel like some cards may be removed or even combined to prevent the players screen from being cluttered but yeah that’s about it.

I don’t get too much into technical stuff (because I’m lazy) but that’s basically my take on how it could work.

Let me know how you guys think it could go down.

Passives I get but I doubt it cause then alot of ppl will just play tank with Clayton’s passive since its stupid strong (picture 5 players gunning hard with trishots or mulchers would look awesome but essentiallymake the game even easier )…i genuinely have no idea how they going to work it but i am looking forward to it …

If this were to happen I can see the passive being nerfed or changed entirely. Would be badass though

I’ve no idea how they intend to separate classes but I have a feeling they will keep the classes the same. Like when you select tank it will ask do you want this tank(marcus) or that tank(lizzie) or this tank(clayton). The reason I say this is throwing all matching class perks into one category would break the game. Like an engineer with kats hologram, dels discount, bairds locker+turret+precision repair and kats hologram extend.

Extremely poorly, make sure to play now before horde is ruined.


I’m assuming you don’t like the separations of heros and classes?

I’d like to be proven wrong, but everything points towards a worse horde experience.


I think it’s too early to say so. So far the pros and cons of it aren’t sort of clear. We can get more characters and content this way but this will cause the current horde mode to lose its flare. But think about the pros again we can probably see new bosses added or even (I doubt it) the return of the locust in their own separate horde mode or along side the current swarm.

i think the role just affect their basic passive effect.(support= marked target reduce cdr, atracker= 6th headshot drop ammo)

But heros skill are way more than the role.
Kait is a scout but her cards are super dps, Marcus also, not only a tank but great dps against mobs.

I like to call it “The entity”. :joy:

I think the main issue with this system was we don’t get much freedom as to who (Character wise) we get to play as…

I think what will happen and be more beneficial to the overall horde expierence without ruining or breaking things is the individual attributes along with the ult of a single character will still be exclusive to one player per match, so for example, you still COULDN’T have 5 players in a match with the same ultimate or passives e.g COG GEAR’s ‘Team revive’, as I have a feeling this would break the mode, also, we just wouldn’t be limited to who we could play as in the character roster, so we could have 5 players playing as JD (:mask::mask::mask::mask:) I know I know gross, but I like this freedom for everyone nevertheless, but the point is these 5 player JDs would still never have the same abilities, passives and perks…

I feel like this is the best way to do change it without destroying the foundations to what TC have tried to do with this ‘hero’ type system, so it’d basically be how gears 4s class system worked visually, everybody could be the same character but everyones class could be different (At least in Gears 5 case, they could never be the same)

I hear what you’re saying, but my gut instinct is that they’ll just give fancy names to what we already have and just attach whatever skin you want over the top.

For example what we currently have with Lahni will be a ‘melee Scout’ and Kait will be a ‘shotgun scout’ and you’ll just paste whatever skin you want onto that class.

I personally think this’ll be ridiculous, especially as a lot of the abilities and ultimates will seem bizarre being used by some characters (like Sarah Conor using Coles Ultimate) but apparently this is what the community wants TC to waste their time on instead of adding new enemies to fight in horde, and better more dynamic maps.

The most likely scenario will be them making it so you pick your character, THEN you pick your class. The classes will be given names that sorta hint to what they are like “Xray Sniper or Artillery Strike Assault”

No Hero system and the Fabricator wide open for all any anyone, i can not see a future for the Class system.
I mean seriously, you can play who you want and how you want, why restrict it all with a Class system.

It is almost like Horde was meant to be a free for all game.

The Coalition have no idea what they are doing, their Class system does not even work like a Class system, put this together with the whining lot out there and The Coalition catering to these people, the minority and you end up with nothing resembling a Class system.

Casuals, whiners and the brain dead have killed the Class system. I suggest it is gotten rid of completely. Let us all play Horde as it was originally meant to be played, no building, be who and what you want and play who is the quickest to get the only 2 Ammo Boxes on the field.
Makes sense to me. What about you lot out there.

If you want a Class system, do it right, or not at all. Stop ruining, or killing the game, because you want to do this that and the other as such and such. If you want to be a Sniper, play as a Sniper and be the Sniper, take advantage of the Skill Cards given, if you want to be an Engineer, then be an Engineer, build repair and again, take advantage of the Skill Cars given.

Personally, i think OP 5 should concentrate on the Class system, Skill Cards to suit the character and not the player. Or go back to the mindless violence that we had in Horde before Gears of War Judgement.

This is your theory but make sure that there’s gonna be a mess

I’m not even trying to think of it , it should stay way it is currently but people whine too much,

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Whenever I hear that word I think of Dead by Daylight :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe Class duplication won’t be allowed!? :thinking:

Then we stuck back at where we are …the reason they allowing ppl to play how they want it because classes limit play styles

But at least everybody can be Jack but with different classes! :grin:

Sorry to say but Jack will probably remain limited to his trusty zapper, healing beam and hijacking tool. I don’t see it being useful or practical for him to use weapons.