The honorable Chairman Richard Prescott

After leaving this game after its failed launch I have returned. Quite pleased with the 4v4 ranked and buttery smooth movement. Then it struck me where is the savage ? image The politician with the blatant disregard for human life ? Why is he not in this game ?

Given he appeared in Tactics, I’d say the odds of him appearing sometime in the future to be reasonable. Maybe 60/40? He’s got a different voice actor though (but then again Prescott has appeared in three GOW titles and has had a different voice actor for each one…)

I haven’t completed Tactics yet so am not sure if TC created a full character model for him (which uses the same engine as GOW5) - I know he appears on an ingame video feed early on, plus his current voice actor will have obviously been in the studio recording lines for Tactics, so it’s possible they also did some for GOW5 during the same sessions?

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Give it time.

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With Sid in Tactics being played by Loomis’s VA TC can kill 2 birds with one stone by having his voice actor do lines for both Sid and Loomis in Gears 5. I would like to complete the Judgement cast in Gears 5 by having Sofia and Loomis added in the future hopefully.

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I absolutly had no idea about this.
The guy must be talented : he menaged to alterate his voice a lot like good ol’ Robin Downes back in the day.

Thats who that was. Thank you. I was listening to him talk in game and it was driving me nuts who it sounded like. I was too arrogant to look it up.

His voice actor didn’t return for tactics and TC probably doesn’t want to add him into a mainline game with a different VA. I assume this due to Hoffman not returning due to his VA leaving the industry