The hell is going on with these characters?

I think Liam O’Brien is pretty decent, given his track record voicing a whole lot of other stuff I’m familiar with (voicing Gaara in the Naruto franchise’s english dub for example), but it is kinda jarring to listen to when you’re so used to hearing Dwight Schultz in Gears 3.

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agreed, its a bit strange but his voice fits Prescott for sure.


Because I can assure you, they’re both listed as the actors for Gears 5, and I don’t know what lines you’d be talking about.

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Yeah. Voice changes are always jarring. I prefer old Prescott too.

It’s odd, too, because to my knowledge, they’ve never recast any character but Prescott. I can’t think of another one that got a new voice, anyway.

Jace - he’s had 3 different voice actors for 3 appearances (GOW2 - very minor role - doesn’t appear per se, but you hear him on comms; GOW3; and RAAM’s Shadow).

And Oscar has a different voice actor in GOW5.

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forgot about gears 2 jace lol.
comic jace> gears 3 jace anyways.

The downside of hiring actors to voice characters in games or even tv shows is there’s no guarantee that they can reprise said roles. I think Michael B. Jordan did an ok job voicing Jace and I absolutely love the “drunk uncle” approach Jimmy Smits did for Oscar.

Hearing substitutes just feels, eh.

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I knew neither of those. Neat.

He’s actually voices by Gaara’s VA, so, uh, yeah.

Huh. He also voices Akihiko from Persona 3.

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Gonna have to heavily disagree. Clayton got the short end of the stick. While Ben sounds the most consistent to me.

Clayton literally has 2 voices. His young voice from Gears 3, and his fake old man voice starting in Gears 4. Since Ben didn’t survive, the VA only has one style of voice to go with, so it doesn’t sound nearly as different as Clayton’s supposed old man voice.

Clayton has never been anywhere near as cringy until Gears 4.


Really Clay? With your old man voice, who woulda thought you’d come up with a one-liner a 14 year old would say? His graffiti, his tattoos, and his insane musculature should speak for themselves, like how it was in Gears 3. He didn’t need a mouthpiece for them.

Now he says crap like “Don’t f*ck with a Carmine!” Lines like that only work for Lizzie and Gary since it’s part of their character, and sounds more natural as a result.

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I’d rather hear that then Ben’s stupid voice now.
Like I said “big stupid buttface”… you seriously think that’s better than “the grub killer?”
And Clayton’s VA isnt always in old man mode, he does have a couple lines that sound off but not all. As for Ben he just sounds… terrible.

Weird, considering Clayton’s dual voiced, insufferable dialogue is just that. Insufferable.

At least Ben’s new dialogue sounds close to the original voice acting wise. Anthony being semi-consistent. For him, I can cherry pick some new lines that sound similar to his old lines and make my brain go “well if these sound similar, then he can naturally change his voice that much.”

Plus, with a cracked voice like Ben’s, I don’t take him as seriously in multiplayer. Even his classic lines had a certain “whine” to it.

Come on man! He had a brain-fart moment and could only come up with “buttface”! :smiley:

The new Ben VA voice itself isnt bad, like you said some of Anthony’s new lines are good and sound like classic Anthony. But mostly all of Ben’s new lines are bad. I went back and played gears 2 and Ben sounds like how Ben should. I’m not sure what happened with Ben’s old lines but they couldve just picked Ben specific lines and brought them back, more so than the 3 lines he says every once a blue moon.

I know it was a brain fart moment but that’s just not my Ben :pensive:

If you played the story mode, then I can probably see what you mean about Ben. But if you’re talking MP, he didn’t have much unique dialogue. He shared most of his lines with Anthony, like “Eat boot!” or “Another dead grub!”

I’ve said worse things when I get a brain-fart.

I’m seeing your point about the brain fart moment, but he just sounds too kiddy?

This is just in general btw not that specific line.

They coulda pulled more, but they gave some to Anthony for some reason.

“Hopefully, this is gonna hurt you… a LOT more then it’s gonna hurt me!”
“Good to go!” (Gears 2 revive version)
And a few ammo pick up lines like “Dibs!” (Gears 2 version)

At least the crazy Ben lines were given back to him. Like:
“Eh, not again!”
“Come on! Not now!”
“Ahh… eww… gross!”

When they launched, and still in Gears 4, those were given to Anthony.