The Hell Happened!?

Ok, haven’t made a forum in a while, nor’ played the game in a while, so I decided to make another one. Now… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? And if your wondering what the f*** I mean by that, I mean that by what happened to the beloved Gears game we used to love and play??? Ever since Epic decided to end the games series on Gears 3, the games haven’t been as good as I remember them.

I loved the concept of the first 3 (I would add 4… but Judgement is a side-story to the game, and Bairds life. So that’s not gonna be included.) where you had a checkpoint to head, and a thing to find and a place to go. Other than roaming all over sh** on a ***cking sled!!! My personal favorite is Gears of War 2, because the story telling is AWESOME, and when you are underground, just cause it’s like your on a **cking Scooby-Doo mystery.

I just hate what they did with the crazy Out-of-World thing, in Gears 5. apart from that though, the game is **cking DOPE!

I know why Epic ended their Gears Career, but I just want them to come back and fix the big mess the Coalition made, hope you agree.

That’ll be all for today’s forum! Hoped you enjoyed! I’ll see your comments in the next one!


You’ll love Escape then :wink:


That’s just the thing mate. This is a new game. I’ve played all GOW games and loved all of them because I’m a fan, but never did I want the next to be like the previous…WHY?
Gears 5 has problems no doubt about that but I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it because it’s different and I hate it because it has so many bugs and glitches.
Escape is the best thing that happened to Gears so far since Horde.
People need to embrace the change and not hate on it because it’s different to what they are used to.


nothing stays the same the game needs to evolve.

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I get swearing for comedic effect and all but…

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… You got a point there… :rofl:.

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I enjoy the mechanics of PvP but that’s about it.

Kait should’ve been a side story like Judgement.

Should’ve stuck with JD maybe see a father son relationship.

Like why wouldn’t anyone wanna know more or see the rise of JD.

Feels like Disney Star Wars. Female with ultimate power. All I’ll say there.

I’m just as upset too. But we can only watch. Kinda getting harder & harder to praise them but they’re going to do what they want.

Instead of seeing us as loyal member they probably just see us as “angry gamers” which is how the gaming industry is going anyway.

Just sucks they brought that energy to this game. But whatever man. I’ll get over it

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So really it’s because a female is the lead protagonist is your issue. I suggest therapy for you feelings of inadequacy. Kait should be a side story? the granddaughter of the queen is side story? Oh in campaign I chose to save Del. because A) it makes more sense B) makes for a better story. And no I don’t care about the rise of JD. Honestly he’s boring. Now watch all the JD fanboys get triggered.

The problem is that it is the FEMALE protagonist decision which MALE character will die or not while the killer is also a FEMALE.
It is also a problem when one of the MALE was nearly turned evil (JD) and the other MALE was nearly turned into a useless person (Del).
This is SEXISM!!!

It is also a problem if you must decide if a white or a black person will die.
This is RACISM!!!


Yeah I know.

I get this too often.

JD is the embodiment of delta squad. A lot my female friends think the same so are they sexist too?

Bad timing with all that’s going on in the world with everything being female. Doesn’t feel genuine.

But yeah, I rather play with a built dude who kills stuff.

Still think it should’ve been a side story like Baird.

I guess I’m sexist for not wanting Baird as lead too though.