The Grenade Delay Should Be Reverted

I understand that TC is trying to balance out grenades W/ the weapons because planting nades was OP in GoW3, but tbh I feel like grenades aren’t effective anymore. I like that you can only plant one frag now, but the delay on it makes it so unnecessary because players can easily dodge them. I suggest we revert the grenade blow up time to instant like we had in GoW3 for planting and throwing. While I’m here I also want to add that the audio isn’t as effective as it was in Gears 3. When someone throws a grenade it sounds like it could be in front, behind, or to the side of me so I don’t know which way to evade. I always knew where a grenade was being thrown in Gears 3.


Clearly they have issues with the sound, more often than not I jump in front of the grenade because if I didn’t see it coming I have no way to tell where it is based solely on sound.

Grenades are easy to dodge? even if I ran faster than Usain Bolt, those nuke grenades will still kill me.


I’ve run straight past grenades before

Yeah me too but the range is not consistent, sometimes the cover will save you and sometimes not. I can run past it and roll jump and make it and others I will not. I’m just saying that there are times where the grenades work as intended and sometimes they appear to be more powerful than the hammer of dawn.


I made a topic in the old forums with the exact same details. Gears of War 3 had the best detonation timing, by far.

These days planting a frag grenade is a waste.


The sounds always been an issue. It wont beep and i die


the grenades are deff messed up in this game and need to be worked on. there are many posts regaurding to the nades, sounds, radius, and much more.

im sure there going to be fixing a lot of these issues, i agree ppl walk past planted grenades all the time and get away.


I’m sort of 50/50 on this topic. I’ve had issues myself where I plant a grenade and for some reason takes a while to detonate however I’ve also had times where I know exactly where to plant a grenade to get a kill or two.

I think the delay should be reduced slightly but not so much that it’s an instant boom should the first beep go off.

Bothers me when the grenade dialog is wrong. Such as “smoke out” and it turns out he lobbed a frag at you.

As has been said, blast is so inconsistent too. I still have a clip where I threw a frag at an AFK leader in Guardian. You see it roll right up to his feet, go off, and nothing.

For the most part, I like the nades and have gotten some crazy full-team kills by using them at the right time. People who don’t like planted nades just need to tac com more. Planted nades are wasted nades if the enemy is tac coming.


I always have grenades blow up and then i hear the beep afterwards


Good one :+1:


Grenade tags are fine in Gears 4, although I’d rather have no grenade planting at all. Since grenade tags basically require zero effort, it’s only right in my eyes that getting kills with them is relatively unlikely because it’s a matter of luck.

But the sound from thrown frag grenades can be sketchy at times. Usually the directional audio is fine but for me the alarm sound is often pretty random. Sometimes the alarm sound goes off a second before the explosion, sometimes it goes off simultaneously with the explosion and sometimes the grenade just explodes without the alarm.

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What about when heaving a perfect nade when a team is capping a ring and nothing you don’t hear anything and nothing happens it just disappears. No beeps nothing lol

I remember Gears 2 days I would plant frags in places you couldn’t really tell they were there. It was just another way to get kills when a stacked team was so sneaky. And the game was hard to play you really needed tactics.

talking about the next game… idk why people are focusing on gear 4.

I think the detonation time for frag nades are all right. Way better than Gears3

As a deaf gamer, I don’t need to listen for the sound.
I have no problem with Grenades and it seems people have gotten too reliant and heavily dependent on beep beep boom!
I know sound cues are important but it’s not difficult too watch every turns and corners when you’re alone and don’t hear anything in surrounding or playing cautious.
When I played with sound, I don’t even remember beep beep sound at all
It’s like it doesn’t exist
And I would prefer we could plant as many Grenades possible, it makes no f*cking sense to have previous one or two blow up
I didn’t even know or keep forgetting we could only plant one in Versus until like couple weeks ago
I thought it used to be and always two in Versus for Gears 2 and 3?
Infinite plants would make sense