The GOW 5 winter variant is stupid

Just uh saying, why’re they wearing white for the winter variant? sure it fits for the winter but heres the problem: correct me if i am wrong, doesn’t white attract the cold? and if it does, why don’t they wear black? since black attracts the heat.

Perhaps the laws of thermodynamics is diferent on Sera.

But seriously, there must be a reason, isnt winter clothes/armor traditionally white or something?

Again im sure there is a reason as the winter armor is based of Epic’s scrapped concept which was also white.

I might be wrong but last time I checked weren’t they at war? afraid to be wiped out? The trailer shows JD saying “common sense is let’s get the f**k out of here”.

Snow is white so if you wear white you camouflage? Wearing black would be like “yoooo bad guys come shoot me”.

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Winter clothes keep you warm by preventing your body heat from being lost to the outside air. They do this by insulating your body against the environment, but this insulation works both ways; any heat from the sun wouldn’t make it through the clothing to warm your body.




Bernie has been teaching Kait how to skin cats and kittens for her ■■■■■ cat fur lined armour.

edit: as if the word “Pu$$y” is blurred out when i actually referenced cats

This thread is stupid, what are they going to wear, bikinis and trunks in that weather?


Swimsuit Bernie please

Zombie Mankini Oscar!

I’d pay NOT to see that :joy:

It’s funny and hypocritical… We have a few near naked Oscars in a damn near thong but talk of bikinis on female characters and threads were flagged and deleted on old forums. Let’s see if anything has changed.

I expected another Luchador with frosty nips.

I think it is because Female breasts are seen as sexual by nature, (obviously nurturing as well), whereas men’s are not.
This is why it is considered ok in polite society for men to walk around most places with their tops off, while for women it is seen as unacceptable.

I do not really see why the older posts re subject got deleted though, as long as people aren’t linking to “naughty” sites or fan art, surely it is a bit of fun ?

I’d also like to point out Gears’ history of over-exaggerating the male’s body parts. (Arms, bodies, etc) While the female characters have always been natural and never sexuallized in Gears. So, poking fun at Oscar’s physique and not sexuallizing the female characters is true to Gears’ nature.

I mean, I like ■■■■ just as much as any guy… but is it really necessary to have it in every game? I enjoy Gears’ focus on the female characters and their badassness, rather than their physical appearance.

Someone needs to go back to basic science class lol

Ahem sir, thermodynamics is not basic science. It’s at least 3rd Grade material. But the fun stuff is about 7 Grades higher.

You clearly haven’t seen my moobs


Personally the winter amour is nice because it adds the bulkyness of the original gears of war games. Gears of war always has pretty bulky armpit variants.

Swimsuit anya and kait for me all the way would be able to distract the enemies with their jugs