The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

My fellow GearHeads, Gears 5 is finally upon us. Well “us” meaning the people who preordered ultimate edition lol. But anyway, I’ll keep this short and sweet, won’t go into too much detail on any one topic. Many things are liable to change and its too early to make any judgements imo. Here are my initial thoughts after playing since Thursday. Seen a lot of whining threads that were just b*tching and whining. So ill try to be as positive and constructive as possible.

The Good:

• Graphics: The graphics are really good, especially in the campaign. I’m not even playing on a super new 4K ultra HD tv and the game still looks great visually. Can’t imagine how it looks on a badass monitor or newer tv. Well done TC on that part.

• Customization Options: The amount of customization options is a nice touch and welcomed for sure. From customizing your specific spotting icon (which hopefully encourages more people to actually spot) to the blood spatter, character skins, banners, gestures, individual button mapping , ranked crossplay toggle button and of course sensitivity. You can make the game fit your own style. I like.

• New Modes: I have yet to play anything but campaign and versus. But I’ve seen quite a few people say Escape is fun and I know Horde has a cult like following.

• Map builder: Haven’t even tried it yet, but I know for sure those creative and artistic folks out there will come up with some sick designs that will likely be added to the game. Same way the fan made weapon skins made it into GoW4 multilayer. Which will likely mean even more maps and definitely a good variety, which will be fantastic. Even if TC can’t come through in the map department, I know for sure the fans will.

• Footstep audio: Thanks goodness the footstep audio is at least halfway audible this time around which I prayed for lol. Its not as good ad GoW3 audio. But I’ve also only been playing with my earpods, not sure if I’ll see a noticeable increase with my Turtle Beach headset or not, but ill figure that out later. At least wise for now, I can hear when someone is approaching or on a corner which makes me happy. Could be improved though. Has anyone played around with the sound settings yet?

• Leaderboards: Glad to see them back, although they’re only between friends at the moment unless I’m missing something. Global would have been better, but I’ll take it.

• Announcer: Hated those silent moments between rounds in GoW4. Happy the announcer is back to get my hype or motivate me or congratulate me

The Bad:

• Omen: The omen in versus is quite overwhelming when you take damage and there should be a smaller more classic version added as an option to switch to.

• Party Size Filtering: I play solo and stacked to be clear. Its completely unfair for a stacked team of 5 to be playing five randoms. Its total slaughter especially with the newer players. There should be a way to balance matchmaking based off not only skill but party size.

• Servers: Thursday was a nightmare from wait times to getting dropped and such. But since Friday evening it’s been a lot better and connecting quickly. For me anyway, I live on the East Coast of North America. Still though, stability and less drops still has some ironing out to do.

The Ugly:

• Health Values: The health values and or damage needs to be tweaked in Ranked play. Its perfectly acceptable for quickplay. But ranked feels far too similar to core tuning from Gears 4. That’s NOT competitive and way to easy. Going down so quickly is not fun and leads to short boring fights. Tuning seriously needs to be addressed and amped up for a more competitive feel and SOON. Gears has never been an easy game to play and those of us who earned our stripes and got good got annihilated a million times before doing so. Stop closing the learning the curve.

•Execution: We NEED execution in ranked ASAP. Not a huge fan of respawn game modes and for Execution to be in custom and not ranked makes no sense and is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Umm hello Eatrth to TC… we don’t have a one life game mode in ranked! Replace Guardian with Execution or just add it straight up.

That’s it, That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Didn’t dive into skin prices, iron, or tour challenges, ranks and some other things but this was my two cents from opening weekend.

TIP: For anyone struggling in versus newbie and Veteran alike. Load up the campaign on insane and play solo for a bit, reach a couple checkpoints before heading into versus. It really puts versus into perspective so to speak. You’ll see that the game feels “smaller” on scale when compared to other Gears games. You’ll see how sight lines work, how quickly you take damage, how to use cover and most importantly how to stay alive.

Adapt or get stomped. Real simple. It’s the same game at heart so all you “Gears 1 vets” better stop whining like the concept isn’t still the same. If you’ve been playing for so long this game should feel easy af to you tbh.

Gears 5 has potential. Same as Gears 4 did, maybe even more. With more balanced matchmaking and tuning. Execution added and a few other changes. This game can be really good. I’ve enjoyed myself so far. So I hope TC can capitalize this go around…