The good, the bad, and the ugly ok

This is my opinions about the game , basically a pro and cons list. There is gonna be alot of things I don’t cover that some people find bad about the game! This is my opinion on what I see and what I don’t like, if I don’t mention what you find wrong about it , I probably dont mind it .

First the good: Now for me the game plays well, its not sluggish like old gears game were. So that’s always good! The campaign is really great ! I like the range of weapons in this one( yes they could add more) but where gears has game from there is a good amount. I like the power of the lancer, finally you have a assault rifle that will keep people at Bay. Now your enemies have to think twice before rushing with a shotgun it adds a more tactical way to getting close to your enemies instead of just rushing them . I also really like how you get credit for the kill if you did more damage then the other person who shot him too. Finally now more kill stealing! I honestly think this is the best idea TC came up with. Well that’s honestly all I can think of that is good lol.

The bad: Ok well there are a number of things that I don’t like about this gears. One where are the ordinally gears at? Why so little of a character pool? To me you should have all basic characters at start and work toward character skins. Also why did the launch with only 7 maps ? That is so stupid for a game to take 3 years to make and you start with 7 maps? Also why did you take our enforcer and why not add hammerburst to weapon loadout? Hammerburst is only on one map and enforcer only on two. I like to use both over lancer, you should have other basic weapons to start off with. Also I wish they would of added a new game mode, nothing better then getting a new game and trying to figure out the new game mode. Also they shouldn’t of took Arms race out of ranked play. I know escape is new but I am talking a new versus mode. It shows lack of creative and lack of trying to bring new things to gears . I don’t like how they just rehash the same game with new maps but no new modes. Like come on make up new ranked modes, that is your job , I could think of new ones myself and y’all are proffesonals! I like that mode the best bc it changes up the game of gears. Everybody has all different weapons just not lancer and shotty

Now the ugly: biggest crap for this game is the store . I can’t believe they completing monopolized it. What I mean in 4 they start MTs, which suck in itself. But atleast we earned in game currency after each match and once you get 10,000 you got a supply drop which had really nice items in it. Now if this was any other game about cosmetics I wouldnt make a big deal. But the fact is that gears always had cosmetics and we got them for free!!! Now we have to pay to get in game currency ? Yes after you complete two tours you would have a 1000 iron, but that is 6 months so it will take 6 months to buy a character skin from the store. That is be, in 4 yes you could buy supply drops but that just made it where you got what you could get for free faster. But this is basically if you don’t buy iron you won’t get hardly any cosmetics , so If your cosmetic freak and like to collect your ■■■■ out of luck. I don’t need cosmetics so I won’t buy iron , but I want cosmetics , but just like everything I don’t need. I will not fall in to TC enticing me with my person desire. I will stand firm. This is the biggest thing in my book that makes TC a greedy company that does not care about what we like just care about our money . Now I wish they would change it where we could get iron faster and for free. But that won’t happen. Honestly I can’t believe I am saying this but I wish we had supply drops again. With supply drops I had pretty much every character and skins that I got for free just by playing. But this one it doesn’t matter how much you play if you don’t pay you won’t get a decent amount. Also the ■■■■■■ supply drops they have now I wish they put good items in them not just banners who gives a flip about banners !

Ok rant over , this what irritates me and this is want I like. I know alot of people dislike different things but u don’t nitpick at games I just see what’s really bad. Yeah there could always be tuning on items or on other things. Have a nice day , if I messed up on grammar or left words out I am sorry. At work and on break posting this with my phone. Have a blessed day everyone :pray:

The second I saw that this thread was done by you, I knew you were going to defend Gears4’s MT.

Paging @ll_R_E_D_l, can you take care of this one, currently cooking. Also @OnyxCrimsonBlur, we’ll need you to bust out that Bob’s Burgers gif if you may. Thanks guys :blush:


Well it’s better then the current state . Atleast I got skins for free. They are never gonna get rid of MTs might as well root for the one less fckes up. What’s so wrong of me saying let’s atleast get supply drops back? You really would rather have what we have now or supply drops? And I know you will say neither but that is unrealistic. Let’s remeber supply drops were free! I never bought one. And I had almost every skin in the game? The people that bought supply drops didn’t want to put in the work to get what u could get for free . This current state it doesn’t matter how long you play your gonna have to pay. Don’t hate on supply drops maybe back when gears 3 was ending and 4 was starting I can see why you would hate them . But now supply drops are way better then this bs. And I know you can’t disagree on thatm

I dont like the model they currently have and i agree, it makes gears 4’s loot boxes more desirable.

Disagree on the movement, less damage all around Or increase speed in movement and shorten all delays.

It would seem the true release of this game will be after this tour so… gears 5 comes out this christmas.

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O and they need to sort out the gnasher reloads


Yeah I forgot about gnasher reloads. I really wish they would of came up with a new ranked mode. You know something fresh and new. I wish they would of been more creative with this gears. I feel like gears is turning into a rehash game. Meaning they just released new campaign and new maps but have no innovation for new things. Granted they came up with escape is alright in all, i wanted some new versus modes. And forreal I wish Arms race was a ranked mode again.

Arms race wouldn’t have a large population for very long, its better off being cycled into special events along with OSOK and KOTG.

I wont put a lot of time into it but arcade is decent innovation, especially when it comes to new players.

Jack being playable in horde or campaign was a nice touch.

I would rather it play just like 3,4 or UE with a few changes.

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Yeah well I guess I am in the minority with arms race sadly , yeah horde is alright it’s just everyone quits and I think having classes is stupid. But Jack is a good idea

No MT’s in a paid game.

As per @III_Essence request.

(Also just because I cannot defend any MT’s in a PAID retail game.)

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Well that’s not realistic your fighting for a lost cause

It’s only a lost cause if people accept it. As long as there are people fighting, it’s not lost. I refuse to accept that they put MT’s in a full priced game. Other people do too. It is unacceptable and it shouldn’t be accepted. People pay upwards of $100 for extra additions and content. This is not an F2P game and shouldn’t be treated as such. It’s not just Gears that’s guilty of this practice. The more we accept it, the more they believe they can do it to us. It’s not right, and it is the principle of the thing.


That’s weak. You come across as weak by even saying that.

Isn’t the whole point of the Good the Bad and the Ugly not what your title is, but what you do with it. As Bad is just greedy, good is honorable and ugly is morally grey…

This isn’t a big deal but it annoys me that there’s yet ANOTHER “so my thoughts on Gears 5…” Why can’t we just have one thread? And also the title is so…so bad.

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Well for this game it’s a lost cause !

I mean, I wouldn’t mind a “My Gears5 review” official thread, but it shouldn’t be an issue if somebody wants to post their thoughts about the game, regardless of how wrong, so wrong, they are. We are in the Gears’ forums after all.

And yes, terrible title.

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Get over it , it’s my title , I was just giving my review of what I think is good and bad. I said ugly bc the store is ugly. If you don’t agree ok that’s cool.

Well he is right about it being a lost cause and it’s only going to get worst as MS pushes Gamepass more and more. But keep fighting the good fight champ. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s only a lost cause if you accept it. Don’t let them win.

What I find funny(because this isnt the first time someone said it) is that people dont know the difference between free and microtransactions.

Ok so here goes @SaintGilliam

  1. Gears 3 introduced microtransactions into the Gears franchise not TC
  2. theres more character skins in the Tour of Duty then TC has released in the store so far.
  3. Gears 4 free content was a huge grind when it first came out and all people did was complain and that’s why a lot of people were doing horde speed runs.
  4. paying $10 for a chance to get a skin is ridiculous.
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