The gnasher is poorly tuned

I dislike the current gnasher meta for a couple reasons. The gun feels very awkward to use in my opinion. It’s honestly only a couple of tweaks away from being as bad as the Judgment gnasher

The reason is that it’s in this very weird state where the gib range is too far, but the 1 shot down range doesnt exist and the 2 shot down range isnt far enough. You get bodied from waaaaaay too far away but you can’t 2 shot down someone reliably from more than like 8 feet away.

People know this, and it causes people to just slowly walk toward you, eat your one shot for 85% in 1 then just body you and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Here’s what I think needs to happen: decrease the gib range ever so slightly but tighten the spread up for pop shots/hard aiming. As it stands there’s really no reason to do either. I see people blindfiring 100% of the time and there is no downside to it in this game.


You will be happy to know that there are people that want the gnasher gib to be increased.

I find gib range mainly a point of preference, that being said I just wish it was more consistent. The game in general is an inconsistent mess.


Gears 4 competitive warm up had the right idea. There were actual battles going on that lasted more than 2 shots. The only thing is the lancer in that playlist was still too strong.

It just seems to me that in gears 5, to make the gnasher feel more consistent, they made it so very powerful. The gib range is big. The pop shot distance is also very powerful and consistent, when the game is the working. I think the aiming changes will make blind firing more difficult but accurate pop shot technique seems a lot better now in the developers playlist.