The Gnasher is overall pretty decent (cleaned and edited)

I see people calling the Gnasher inconsistent. I find this rather odd, considering that when I play I find the gnasher very reliable and predictable. Of course, there are occasional exceptions, but those are few and far between, and hardly warrant much complaint. The fault in the Gnasher tends to be in the user, not the gun itself.
And no, this is not a troll post.


No, not possible. TC is the reason why my marriage failed. My wife couldn’t accept me at Onyx rank :pensive:

The gnasher is to blame here.


Someone finally said it, now we can start attacking other issues instead of the Gnasher.

You know how it is there must be something to complain about.

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I liked the first thread more…

This one is just to tame.



Not everyone is TC freaking Clown , you’re a man amongst boys

But in all seriousness, I feel like this game it’s easier to use since the pellets show you how much you hit and gives you an idea on how hurt the enemy is


I think people will always complain about the gnasher and for one simple reason: they died and their opponent didn’t.


It is rather bizarre that the Gnasher garners so many complaints about being broken, when 30 seconds in a LAN match or a PVE game can prove that the programming for the weapons mechanisms are consistent and predictable.

Let’s approach this a bit more scientifically and see if we can identify a more likely culprit for the appearance of inconsistency in PVP online play.

You shoot someone point blank and what happens?

A: You kill them
B: You don’t kill them, but get full hit markers
C: You don’t kill them and don’t get hit markers

All three of the above scenarios have explanations that extend well beyond how the gun is coded and behaves in online PVP.

Result ‘A’ is straight forward and provides the intended result… thus nobody would complain.
Result ‘B’ could be due to a couple of reasons. Most likely however, you were just outside of gib range. Bonus points for the possibility that your local client was showing you hit markers, but the games server never received the packets for the hit.
’Result C’ is almost always because you missed your shot, buttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…

Before everyone gets all butt-hurt, let’s dissect this a little deeper…

What is missing?

A: You missed
B: Your shot was accurate but the game didn’t register it.

Gears is one of very few third person competitive shooters out there, and to the best of my knowledge, it is the only one with anything close to the movement speed found in wallbouncing. The fact that after considering the latency found in an average match, that any Gnasher shot connects is a borderline miracle. For goodness sake, I can shoot a sniper round into a walking enemies chest in other shooters and not have it register. The fact that my Gnasher can land a shot while I am sliding in the opposite direction my enemy is rolling in is quite amazing actually.

Shoot… there I go again, off on a side tangent, sorry about that. My point is that the very nature of Gears being a fast paced third person online shooter complicates things before we even get into the discussion of whether or not the Gnasher is mechanically sound. People will beat up that gun and while quietly making excuses for the abusive relationship they are in with weapons like the Boltok, a gun with bullets that seemingly loves to phase through enemy bodies.

Boy did we get off track…

Anyway, once we consider all of this, there is actually a high probability, nah, a high propensity for you to land a shot on your screen and the server is simply too out of synch between both clients for the shot to register.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking now,
“You see, this is what I’ve been saying all along! You just admitted that the servers are garbage!”

Nope, that’s actually not what I said at all. I am saying that there are games out there that are a lot less complicated and slower in speed and even they have issues with bullets registering. I’ll mention for sake of explanation “he who shall not be named”, the infamous Call of Duty… a series that is rampant with SMGs and Assault Rifles has just as many issues with hit registration as Gears, probably more. If you look at the damage values in COD, most guns have the ability to kill with 3-4 bullets, yet most players will empty a quarter to a third of their 30 round clip before they get a kill. It’s not because you are facing off against a drop shot master, it’s because half the bullets are getting lost in the ether that is video game servers.

TLDR: Clown is right and The Gnasher isn’t broken, play on LAN to find out for yourself.


LuL didn’t read gnasher blows gib range way too long and totally inconsistent outside gib range and you’re automatically wrong for being on the same side as @TC_Clown .

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grey has amazing post. I REALLY want signatures again so I can make one of his quotes mines.


“Well thanks Sergeant Fenix”
What you will unlock through Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's multiplayer

It’s ok at best, in my games it’s pretty inconsistent to be honest.
I think it’s server issues anyway.

Basically yes. I can’t tell how many times over the years I’ve been in a party chat and hear someone go “I shoulda killed that guy!!! This game is so broken!” all the while I was dead and watching their screen, and they missed completely.


/end of thread.

Precisely! The servers and nature of the gameplay itself is what has always made the Gnasher feel broken and inconsistent. I know the human brain works in funny ways, but if we could all hop in time machines and go back and watch ourselves play Gears 1 or 2, we’d see and hear us complaining about the exact same talking points as the community is today.

Outside of those few times in the past where the Gnasher was LITERALLY broken, as in hip fires would go straight into the ground, the mechanics for the weapons itself are sound and predictable. Its the challenges of online play that cause all the frustration with the weapon.


I totally agree, unfortunately it’s very frustrating when it happens :confused:

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it has been what, 15 yrs since gears 1 or 2? Now we have cloud providers with data centers worldwide, TB fiber connections across data centers and many other tech improvements that should support better user experience.

GOW4 is today superior managing the lag issues. I don’t feel I am missing there hits because of lag… and if I miss them because of it I know it has been lag. GOW5 is like you’re hitting super heroes that never die… it is faking that you have lag and the feeling is you’re shooting a wall… and I am sure I am not great managing the gnasher but the feeling is you’re shooting walls

Wondering how the games are hosted… I’ve seen better accuracy in some of the games vs others with the same group of people

Also, Bring back perfect reloads! They were helpful when having lags… and also Bring back 5vs5 and a KOTH that we can select WO having to vote

All great points.

The one thing to consider however, is whether many of these main servers, particularly Microsoft Azure severs are under more stress now in 2020-2021 because so many people are now working from home. Using tools like Microsoft Teams and Office 365 constantly.

Obviously, no one in this thread will ever be able to know for sure, but I am curious if that plays into it. I remember XBL going down more in the last 12 months than I do in the last 10 years prior.

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