The gnasher is horrible

I’m just tired, it’s impossible to understand what you think and do with Gears 5, honestly you ruin an incredible game every day. The cool and incredible thing about certain games is the difficulty of playing and learning, playing with more and more experienced and good players. I for example have been playing since Gears 3, I loved the franchise but now I’m sorry to have spent so much on this game, the gnasher and random rankeds, on personalized ping counts a lot, I went to play umg yesterday and due to the high ping because the host was from the opponent, I had to play very trapped and retreated because if my opponent shot in the wind the shot hit me in the face, I went to play rankeds today and I was impressed how the lag and ping has influenced the fighting. I usually play with ping 20 and the opponents were pinging from 170 to 230 and they don’t fall with 2 shots straight in sometimes you just had to shoot three shots to finish while they fired anyway and hit shots with fence from 76% to 80% damage, and I was having a lot of inconsistency every time I died it was on average 82% to 98% or even 99% damage, I don’t care if I get lost or even for the classification because taking master is the thing easier they have. You know, I was very excited to start entering the competition little by little, but these inconsistencies are very discouraging, unfortunately gears is a game that really is addictive and whether or not you end up playing.


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You seriously can’t post any language other than English? On the forums for a game where the majority of people who play it speak Spanish? You’re kidding.


As per the first paragraph on the forum guidelines

“Welcome to the Official Gears of War forums! This is a place to talk to your fellow Gears fans about all things Gears, make new friends, and have your feedback seen by the development team at The Coalition. Please note this forum only supports English language conversations.”

Both TC and the Moderation team wouldn’t be able to support languages other than English, that may potentially change if we had enough volunteer moderators that were able to effectively moderate in languages other than English.


Both TC and the Moderation team wouldn’t be able to support languages other than English,

My heads gone.

Edit: Just so this thread makes sense — OP is Brazilian, the original post looks & reads like google translated Portuguese, and they’re complaining about being put against people on the NA servers and people from NA being put on their servers.


@TC_Jesus turns over in his grave

Fornicate that, I will happily take duties in French, Dutch, German and Turkish.


You are welcome to apply to TC to be a moderator and offer to support those languages.

I don’t think they will take you up on it though.

TC staff are the primary people in charge of the forum and the volunteer moderators from the community are here to support them, so in order to support specific other languages TCwould need to hire commmunity staff for a specific language and then also appoint moderators to give them coverage (as the forums are only a portion of the community teams work).

I get why at first glance people look at TC’s English only rule and think is daft, but currently it isnt feasible to support other languages. I personally would be happy if that changed :slight_smile:

Hats off to you being able to translate that brother
also off-topic but do you stream or make videos? that name looks familiar outside of the forums.

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The gnahser is annoying and inconsistent

But hey, look on the bright side

Cap hoffman has marcus voice lines


Yeah, I used to be a competitive player and I would upload scrimtages & match highlights from gb. I’ve only streamed 2-3 times.

Thank u this is so great

It’s called rules

The game is horrible, everyone just underplays and sits back because the meta allows it now. There’s barely any variation of gnasher fights at all. Its always just people bot walking each other because that’s how you have to play. Camp your corners, hold your shots, and stick with one other person and I guarantee you almost NEVER lose because of that. Games feel horribly boring because of this as well. I’ve been trying to “adapt”. Its not like i’m bad at this new tuning but its too easy for people to be “good” at this tuning for barely doing anything. The skill curve I once loved gears for seems to be gone. The game feels mind numbing to play and I think I’m soon ready to move on to other titles until GoW2:UE comes out. (if it ever does)


@HerrKatzchen beat me to it…

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See you say bot walking and I’d just call it classic gears battling where you strafe left and right while hitting your shots. I do know what not walking is though like just walking in one straight direction and shooting or trying to walk straight up to someone for a lucky gib. Idk man and this isn’t directed at you in particular but I feel like a lot of you bounce crazy blindfiring people started to miss the plot a while ago when the game became hyperbounce everywhere and play for gibs and Up A’s. Now no one wants a straight up battle, a predicament where you have to actually hit your shots and not just rob someone with some Up A or bounce towards them for the gib. That’s also skillful so don’t think I’m calling it brain dead I just feel like if everyone feels like the bot walkers are taking over and lowering the skill gap then maybe your aim just isn’t as good as it should be.

Like actually put yourself out in an open space like the side of reclaimed leading to snipers or the stairs at frags in foundation and really just get into a strafing battle while hitting just more than 1 shot aka playing for the down. If you struggling there than that’s the problem. When I see botwalkers I start licking my chops lol cause those are easy shots. No ones bouncing ( I can hit them too ) so it’s a straight up classic gears battle. Dunno why everyone’s struggling so hard against people who just walk left and right with no movement lmao

I mean, even in GoW 1 people wall bounced, you just had to touch the wall before you canceled. I’m also not a hyper bouncer. I bounce when I have to. It’s just my own personal experience and opinion there are a lot of times where people just arent moving or shooting and that theres a lack of diversity in play styles. The games really easy to play right now and thats what makes it boring for me.

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