The Gnasher Core to Competitive


Just some chat around the gnasher, so hopefully i will better understand and can make improvements. I am sure this may be re-hashing so i am sorry. Let me set the stage. I am old mid 50’s Love gears…only game i play. I have no great hopes of being diamond, but i really just want to hold my own in versus. I have watch lots of you-tube on settings, and playing. I understand the ping issues, but i have also seen players be effective against high ping and thats where i think i am struggling. The gnasher battles. In my mind i am hitting and connecting, but of course we are all our own biggest fans right…smile

So here goes my questions:

  1. On competitive why can i knot get these on shots at 100%? Am I aiming to low to high where is the sweet spot?

  2. Should i be lining up the barrel of the gnasher or the target site. I saw a vid that said GOW 4 is more barrel shooting.

  3. In close up battles pot shot, hard aim or crazy man blind fire?

  4. is the fill box on competitive tighter smaller than core? what is the man difference in weapon tuning?

  5. My 16 yr old son said that my settings art to high…yes now you know i am old and slow reflexes. starting at the top down to the bottom. I am 28,28,28, 10,3,1 . I turn off gore to improve my visibility. I wish the health was not in the middle of the screen.

  6. UP A…I have tried this some times it works and some times it does not…saw a vid that says you have to hold A through the shot? After i try and miss we are both still behind cover but then i die. I did not even see him shot me…old man eyes?

Thanks gears, love the game

  1. The Competitive Gnasher has a steeper damage drop off than Core. Meaning you need to be closer to inflict more damage. If I’m not mistaken though, the one shot range is the same between the two modes.

  2. I generally focus on my camera view and barrel positioning with the Gnasher. I find the target display too inaccurate at times.

  3. Close up battles i definitely favor hip firing (or blind fire as you call it). It is the fastest method of shooting and i find it the easiest way to accurately control my shots. I often notice beginner to intermediate players pop shotting too much. Not only is it slightly slower, you often see them swinging their camera as a result. This equates to more missed shots. I generally only use gnasher aiming for rangier shots.

  4. Target box (what i think you are referring to) i believe is the same. Both the Gnasher and Lancer are tuned weaker in Competitive. Both are very noticeable when jumping between the two game modes. I did a test a while back and the Lancer in Comp mode can take up to 18 hits to down an enemy., The quickest is 8 hits to the head with an active (active essentially drops the hit count down 2). The Lancer is very dependent on range and where you hit the body. Close range its weaker, mid to far its stronger. The body is broken up into 3 segments. Lower, Mid and Upper. Lower body being the weakest and head being the strongest. The Gnasher damage does not change where you hit them in the body (head shots are not stronger). However, focusing on the mid body has the largest hit box obviously.

  5. Sensitivity settings are such a personal thing. I think more players play with it too high than they do too low. Likely because the game is so fast paced. However, if you are more accurate with slower settings you generally off set the less accurate faster movement. I play on 26,24,24 — 10, 2 , 1. Anything faster and i start to see more mistakes and less accuracy. At this setting i can still move quite fast. Im more of a defensive style player so this works for me. Ive posted a quick video of some of my defensive techniques i often use. Im always trying to position myself to an advantage rather than forcing my way into a fight with fast bouncing and movement. You can see in the video i often get the enemy to react and make a mistake.

  6. Yes with Up A’s you want to run through them. However, be careful not to force this technique. I find this move so predictable and easily punishable. If i do Up A its generally when im beating an enemy to a corner or when they are backing off from previous damage. I never force this when an enemy is sitting on a corner. As a matter of fact, I often bait people into going for an Up A only to counter them with a Back A or Side A. Its a good move to have in the arsenal but one that most good players see coming a mile away. IMO it needs to be set up correctly. As for you not seeing the enemy shoot, the game at times has a lot of visual delay, so it just happens. Its like when a guy has his back towards you and all off a sudden you are down. On his screen he has already turned.



Fantastic stuff many thanks. I do appreciate the detailed response and the clip.

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I’m not necessarily objecting to this, but are you sure? At the 2 or 3 shot down range, I always thought that I’m better off aiming at their upper body than at their feet due to increased damage.

OK I reread what you said. I think you’re saying the opponent will take more damage on the upper body than lower simply because the upper is a larger area and therefore will take more pellets. Not necessarily because the pellets themselves inflict more damage.

So I think we can agree though that you will put more damage on someone by aiming at their upper body than their lower body, right?

As for the OP:

Competitive IMO rewards movement, accuracy, team
work to a degree, and skill better than core. This is certainly the idea behind the tuning and I think it holds true. Not to say that skill doesn’t play any part in core, obviously. You have to be skilled to excel in both consistently, but the approach is a little different.

  1. when hip firing, yes.

  2. in close up battles, generally I hip fire because I think I’m more accurate and quicker to react that way. Especially when you’re in a sudden 1v1 at close/gib range. But this doesn’t mean you should do the same. Ive had a sort of obsessive tendency to watch other people’s gameplay and I notice all sorts of varying techniques with good players. Find what works for you. The downside to hipfiring in general is that the spread is wider therefore inflicting less damage than a hard aim/popshot.

  3. I will second that the spread is the same. As I said, in case you’re not aware, spread is smaller when hard aiming/pop shotting than it is while hip firing/blind firing. A smaller spread is favorable because more pellets land on the opponent therefore inflicting more damage. But that doesn’t mean you should always hard aim. If you’re much quicker to react to their movement and more accurate with your shots in fast paced situations, then hip firing is better IMO.

I find my pop shots pretty hit and miss but some people are very accurate with them. At the 2-3 shot down range, a player who can popshot, perform a timed bounce, popshot, bounce and popshot in just about any situation and LAND their shots each time is a force to be reckoned with.

  1. I’m going to say too that your settings are probably too high. It took me almost a year to finally stop messing with my sensitivity and when I did, I settled on something in the slower range. There are a lot of really good players with good movement and accuracy who have very low sensitivity. I would recommend taking it down to maybe 24-22-22 with your dead zones the way they are and try that. There are a ton of players who go lower than that. Accuracy always trumps speed. I personally use 26-18-18 with inner 3 and outer 7. I feel agile enough moving my camera but nice and accurate with lancer and snipe (well…I actually sort of suck at snipe…still working on the muscle memory there) Id keep your dead zones the same and just mess with the 3 top numbers and lower them a bit.

The important thing is to give it a while to allow your brain to adjust. And commit. Muscle memory is so important. I’m a little older myself (34) than a lot of the 16 year olds and I’m finally getting to where I can rely on muscle memory to get out of a lot of situations where I may not be able to with reflexes alone. So find a sensitivity and STICK with it for a long time to allow that muscle memory to become a thing.

  1. as far as mastering the technical aspects of performing the up a, nothing but experience is going to help with that. Go into a private match and practice the up A and back A. Better yet if you could get a friend to be a sitting duck for you that would be better that way you can see if you can actually kill them. If you like, you can shoot me a message some time and I’d be happy to be your sitting duck for a while. I don’t have a mic tho atm.

Up A works OK for unsuspecting opponents when you need to be on the move. You’ll find that in the higher ranks especially when you know your enemy is watching you approach them as they sit there undistracted, the up A is a total crapshoot. I generally counter the up A by simply stepping back from cover at the perfect time and shooting. No back a or side a needed for me.

So many techniques used in this game it’s mind blowing. Nothing but experience, trial, error, and making a lot of mistakes is going to help you improve. Go into social and make a fool of yourself with practicing the up A and with some time you’ll get a feel for what situations you’re likely to get away with it and what situations you probably won’t (I don’t think anyone ever gets to the point where they know for sure their up A is going to work for them lol)

A lot of players find the back A more reliable and less risky. Understand that the back A can be performed at many different angles. Not just when the opponent is directly in front of you.

Also when learning new techniques, I find it easier to focus on one at a time. Experiment with it a lot and die a lot. That’s the only thing that’s going to teach you how and when to use it (such as the up a)

I love it when I run into older guys playing this game. Don’t let the age deter you from destroying kids! Things like strategy, patience, smarts, and muscle memory can go a hell of a long way IMO. I reached onyx 3 as a solo player in TDM and KOTH after a year playing (never touched a video game before) and I never ever thought I’d be able to do that not too long ago. Just don’t give up and be patient with yourself as far as improvements go. Watch other people play. Evaluate yourself. Think about what you can do to improve and how. You’ll get better eventually.


One thing I recommend you embrace…

Close up, in-your-face gnasher combat is the hardest thing to master, it’s the one area where better players are at a HUGE advantage doing against less good players, where things like manual dexterity and reflexes/reaction time (all things which naturally decrease with age) are the most important,

Basically, by focusing your game play on gnasher play, you are focusing on the type of game play where you will always be at the greatest disadvantage due to factors you cannot control (I’m kinda in the same boat here :slight_smile: ).

Can I make a suggestion? Play from a distance as much as you can. Lancer… Boltok, Retro, Markza… Those are deadly when used right, and you don’t NEED razor sharp reflexes and god-like wall bouncing skills to do well… Only switch to gnasher when you have to.

Watch this video, for fun/motivation:

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Just want to say thanks you to all three of your for the support and suggestions. I am taking it all in and using it. Before season 5 ended I hit silver in KOTH and Bronze 3 in Escalation. I had my highest kill count the other night ever at 48 in KOTH. I have notice some games it all works other it does not.

I am trying to use my age to my advantages by not rushing for 1 v1 and looking at the game in a more situation view to best support my team, crossing etc. example I am awesome with the hammer burst on Gridlock and have the highest downs so if i have slayer in the ring i try and do as much damage to help them.

I am not sure i understand the Back A…can some one explain that?

Last night seasons 6 kick off was so rough with all at the reset point so many diamonds in there trying to get back up. I sewer one team must have been all diamonds. I think my team had like 30 kills between all five. because they where so good they controlled the map and power weapons and grenades that made it worse.

I love this game so much i am willing to endure the pain and embarrassment. I just hat being called trash on the mic when i am really trying, but i know they can not tell that cause i am dying so much.

You guys rock for the help and support.


Correct. Because there is more body area to hit, focusing the on the mid to upper body is preferred. Damage per pellet hit does NOT increase whether you hit them in the head or the leg. Its been stated by TC’s lead game designer that this is true.

Koth can be a tough mode, if you play by yourself, because there are so many strategy and tactics related details which can kill your team if the team isn’t working well…

I wouldn’t worry about rank, just play to learn, play to get better… Try to learn, see what happens to cause you to do well, what happens which causes you to die.

The player population is low now, you are likely to have good players on the opposing team even with your lower rank. If you find yourself in a gane where someone is just impossible to kill, stay away from them. Run away, or wait until there is a numerical advantage…

There is nothing wrong with playing private against bots, as a way of practicing new things (movement or weapons). Yes, bots will never be like real players, but you can’t learn anything new if you’re constantly being slapped around (you won’t learn boxing from going into the ring with Mike Tyson, right).

Create a private KOTH, fill it with casual bots, and go play, and practice basis… For example…

The best KOTH strategy video I’ve seen is this one:

The best gnasher video tutorial I’ve seen is this one:

What time zone are you in? I’ll play KOTH with you, I’m usually on in the evenings EST… We can do ranked, or even private (since ranked games are unusually sweaty now, with the new season just started).


Great support and the vids are awesome. Yeah i guess i should easy up on the ranking. i am goal oriented, so…lol

I have and do play a ton of Co-op AI in fact spend time there working down achievement so yest i get the value. I am on the west coast and do not even get on till 11pm at night so the offer is awesome but i think you will be asleep…lol

I found crew in MX very nice. they are all onyx players and they always invite and help me. i have learned to be a support for them as the matches are always against high rank players.

they are very cool and do not mind my low K/D. the other team sees i am not that good they are try and target me which leaves them open to my team wining ring and slaying.

To your point i am going to enjoy what i do well. Also playing with the MX crew has made me better when match with my same skill set.

If you are missing shots, turn your sensitivity down. There is no best sensitivity other than the one that YOU play best with.

The gnasher shoots from the barrel, not center screen. Watch some YouTube videos and slow them to 50% (in the YouTube settings) so you can observe the shot placement and see where you want to aim. Optic Sumuns “I’m the best, 50 kills” is one I used when I was learning.

Hip fire in hectic gnasher battles as aiming down sights slows you down. Aim when you get a little more space between you and the opponent.

In order to compete in close battles you need to have an idea of the tricks people do off cover. Then, you can counter them. I’m in my 40’s and, like an old boxer, I find that using feints can be very helpful in outplaying players with faster reflexes. Once you can predict, or lure them into certain things, the difference in reflexes are mitigated because now you’re a step ahead.

If you need help sometime I’ll set up a practice lobby and show you some pointers.


I don’t mean co-op vs AI… that is fun, for its own sake, but it’s not great for training purposes, because you don’t control the team make ups.

I mean like what I did last night. I’ve never bothered doing any flick shotting/backAs (different people call them different things). So last night I thought, ok, let’s try it, practice it a bit.

There are very specific situations where that is used/useful - it’s hard to get those when you have a full 5v5 teams (either bots or team mates too).

So I setup a private KOTH, on Gridlock, and went 1v3 against bots. 3 out of the 4 rings on gridlock are great for practicing that. Bots are stupid, they approach using predictable patterns, so you can practice the basics of the movement over and over: no worries about team mates killing them, etc.

Yes, this is not a simulation of what you’d see in ranked, of course not, BUT it allows you to get comfortable wtih the basic movement/mechanism of the shot, and once you can consistently do it with little/no pressure, you move to social, then to ranked…

This stuff:

HARDLY exciting, but you gotta be comfortable walking before you can try running… I have fun doing this, with new things I’ve never tried before.

Same for different weapons - if you want to practice with, say, Torque - put up a private tdm/koth, do weapon changes to put a couple of torque bows, and go 1v3 against bots… Bots are stupid, but that’s why you put yourself at a disadvantage, numerically, to try and make it less effortless…