The Gentle Art Of Marking Enemies

Help your team and mark enemies, simple really.



Well, if the game would stop marking weapons and fortifications that I wasn’t looking at, certainly!

Also I want this versus only option to disable marking weapons in PvE. Don’t get it why this option only exists in PvP only… also who cares about marking fortifications, why is that even a thing.


You ping someone to upgrade or repair something to my knowledge
I usually mark a locker if I want it upgraded (no one ever upgrades it)

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Because you’re too Good.

If the Base are full of Fortifications, usually marking the Fortifications can Remind the Engineer for Repairing Things. However, Robotics Expert can bypass Repairing except Sentries.

Some Engineer may Forget and Neglect to help you to Upgrade Lockers, which you need to Mark the Locker or Melee Him :joy:.

Yea meleeing is more efficient than marking for those randoms

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Engis who don’t keep an eyes on taps. Not that it helps or works half the time, but it’s something besides shooting a Talon at it.

And I’ll never get why marking enemies is such a difficult task. Unless you play some 420MLG-controlscheme you’re already holding the LS. Just gotta press it once.

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Eh I mark weapons if see something that can be useful for another class. Like a breaker mace or Boomshots/Tris.
Also I mark fortifications to either ping that I build a locker for someone or to try to tell someone to upgrade or such.
You never know who is able to read chat these days.

I’m more annoyed that I basically have to use a snub to be sure to mark the bastion and not the shielded guy for example.

They Skip The Tutorial of Marking Enemies in Campaign :smiley:

Correct me If I’m wrong but marking has always been LS. Why would anyone not pick this up over the course of 5 other games?

I haven’t use the controller for a long time and didn’t play Gears 4, but I remember Gears 3 that marking isn’t important at that time.

I don’t know if people are unfamiliar to use Mark Button, but mostly are just LAZY to Mark with.

It’s 1 button. How? HOW?!

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My biggest gripe in PvP


I couldn’t tell :joy:

You can ask the Randoms why you don’t Mark Enemies :fearful:

PC is very straight forward to mark Enemies (also a BUTTON) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Tried playing melee brawl on master yesterday as Blademaster

Had to make all my own enemies to know where they were behind cover so I knew when to strike

Teammates didn’t mark crap

I click left stick on Gears 2 and nothing happens. Marking is engrained into muscle memory.

For how helpful it is in pvp, it’s grossly underused. Typical game for me:

My spots: 40
Average of spots from all other players: 0.0

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Most players dont even know the LS button exists is what I think you mean lol.

Wait, are we playing KOTH? is that why we lost? I thought this was TDM.

I love playing solo :slight_smile:


You would be my best friend.

I can live with less spotting with good callouts but yesterday in a match I downed an enemy at boom on foundation, my teammate in front of me who had better vision wanted the down and never marked the second enemy during the fight who he ran by on stairs to get the down so I die shortly after.


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Im a bum and my controller dont work that good.

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The horde player base is too casual since op5. They don’t care. They probably don’t know what marking is.