The Gears Pop Community needs more help from The Coalition / MediaTonic

I for one am happy that this pay to win cash grab is being shut down. I feel for the completionists/achievement hunters. But this “game” is an insult to the franchise.


Honestly, it’s the little things that have signalled more to me, more than the absurd amount of money you need to get to the top.

Like removing the Gears Pop! Section on the forums, the official Gears page not directly tweeting out events (I know Gears Pop! Has it’s own page, but wouldn’t it hurt to put out a tweet about an update on the official Gears Twitter? Bigger audience and whatnot?)

I’m honestly not that surprised. This game fell off my radar about a week after Gears 5 released due to the P2W aspect and the hackers. And how long it took to get levelled up.

The game was announced in June 2018, and the announcement of it being discontinued in October 2020. That’s incredible. The development of the game was far longer than the release of it. I find that incredible.

I’ve played Jurassic World Alive for longer than that, and still gets frequent updates that are good (I highly recommend btw if you want a dinosaur version of Pokemon Go).

I mean, TC did say they were going to give the weapon skins for those two achievements from Gears 4 and look what happened.

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True, but TC has nothing to do with POP except for owning the IP. This is all MediaTonic.

The question we should be trying to answer is this: what other properties has MediaTonic been the developer on and, if any have shut down, what was their support like post-shut down announcement?


@TC_Sera I am really desperate to understand The Coalition / Mediatonics logic here

Crystals are no more

65 million coins can be obtained via horde

1 game of horde gives approx 2000 coins and takes 3-5 minutes.

2000 coins means 500 games of horde for 1 million coins

32,500 games of horde for 65 million coins

At 3 minutes each that is 97,500 minutes Or 67.7 days

There are 179 days left of this game

It isn’t physically possible to spend 37.8% of the next 6 months of my life playing Gears Pop.

It seems like drops need to increase 100 fold to help any of us.

Answers we may never get, or at least a truthful answer.

They don’t care about achievement completionists.

  • Gears 2 JP has a broken XP modifier making, achievements more of a huge grind compared to what they were before it broke.
  • Gears Judgment has Sybarite which is not obtainable anymore
  • Gears UE Win10’s game type rotation is broken, making one achievement unobtainable (edited due to @MCSS_Aerocoupe pointing out an error I made, thanks!)
  • Gears 4 hasn’t made the weapon skins associated with achievements craftable as promised
  • Even Gears 5’s Ring Leader achievement is currently broken
  • And now all of POP’s achievement will be unobtainable

The key to remember from their point of view is that these games are still PLAYABLE. They couldn’t care less if the achievements are obtainable.

Case in point: Gears 3 vanished from people’s games libraries a while back. They worked to fix that so that people could play the game.

But it stops there. Playability > Achievement Obtainability. And the reason, to be completely blunt, is that >90% of gamers don’t care about achievements and will play the game even if they are broken.

The only exception, ironically, is with POP, because this game will literally disappear come April 2021, because we won’t even be able to PLAY the game after that point.


Completely understand

And oddly, as an IT manager completely agree with the concept of minimum viable product and moving forward with minor bugs.

The thing is though, is that I’m accountable to my customers and have to explain the logic of why we are doing what we are doing.

My expectation is that they literally go silent and never respond to any of these complaints. And that is the most frustrating part for me. I wouldn’t be allowed to do that to my customers.

The Re-Up grind on Gears 5 had me frustrated. The versus achievements they added had me bemused. This has me just crazy with anger that they can just be so flippant.

TC have always been a black box, even when they claim they are trying to be more transparent.

I mean, I’m not even affected by this announcement and I’m super pissed about it, along with that list above of broken things I typed out (especially the Judgment one, because I AM affected by that one).

It has literally become par the course for this company to actively crap on it’s dwindling base without explanation or remorse.


Technically, the XP in UE Win10 is working now. But still no mode rotation, so it still has 1 unobtainable achievement.

TC is all about making the super long, grindy achievements to keep us around.

While TC was not initially supporting Pop from what I understand, this does not help break the cycle TC seems to be in where support/access to games goes away before most people have a chance to earn the achievements for completing all aspects of their games.

I realize TC is probably trying to clean up the mess MediaTonic left them with. But would it really hurt TC to give everyone at least 50,000,000 coins and enough pins of each type that we could get them all to at least 1 from Max? It would give those who have been playing religiously for the last year+ a decent chance to finish the game now, and those who have not played as much a legitimate chance to finish in the next 6 months before the servers go down permanently.

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I keep seeing people type the words “finish the game.” I know what you’re talking about… finishing the achievements.

But that’s my point from earlier. TC doesn’t care about achievements, and they don’t see someone getting all of the achievements as “finishing the game.” Achievement are just a shiny thing for people to go for if they want, but they do not make or break the game.

I really REALLY hope this thread, and all the others on TA, reddit, Twitter, etc. of angry consumers leads to a positive outcome, but I just don’t think it will. The track record suggests otherwise.

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I thought of several people as soon as I saw the announcement, and you were one of them, because I knew you were close.

Can you really finish before the deadline? Fingers crossed for ya buddy!

For what it’s worth, I just saw this comment over on TA:

Apparently POP Support could be “looking into” making the achievements more obtainable.

The link isn’t just another article to the announcement. Click it to go directly to a the specific comment I’m referring to.

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Hey, that’s a start at least.

I should clarify for anyone from TC that is not familiar with the requirements for Player Level 20 and/or Maxed pins. I’m not saying they should just hand the achievements out. But even with daily playing and spending a large amount of real-life money, it is impossible to reach Player Level 20 and/or max a pin.

All I’m suggesting is that they give us enough freebies in-game to make it possible to reach the goals that MediaTonic and/or TC set for us a year ago, with the time we have left.

If not freebies in-game, then reducing requirements to have the same effect would be fine. Heck, at this point I would not complain if everyone who logs in auto-popped all remaining achievements.

Dana said they’ve increased the drop rate of Legendary Packs. That really does not help when they take 24 hours or crystals that we can no longer earn to open. Case in point:

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Well, if they are looking, I hope it isnt TC levels of looking where they look for 6 months then do something.

Maybe being pre-occupied with Fall Guys has influenced this decision…


The decision behind Pop existing was odd to begin with.

I hope it’s an indication to TC that this isnt what the fans want. Obviously they wasnt making much money with the game otherwise it wouldn’t announce it being discontinued 14 months after release.

I do enjoy collecting funko pops as well, I do have a decent collection, it just doesnt work with Gears. Took them over 2 years to work that out but oh well.

Pins needed Max Packs Crystals C Mountains USD
Bronze 1,826,128 265 661,641 44 $ 4,411
Rare 417,168 339 846,526 56 $ 5,644
Epic 77,680 361 903,256 60 $ 6,022
Leg 3,213 643 1,606,500 107 $ 10,710

These are the amounts that were required in USD to complete each section by pin requirements, not taking into account the flipside which requires coins , which comes out to around $2,000 USD (a bit less given the packs give some coins).

Purchases are disabled but by my estimates with the game in its state beforehand it would take at efficent purchasing and upgrading about 7,000 USD to complete the requirements to hit level 20 as a character.

Free to play users would have zero chance at ever obtaining this as playing the game nets incredibly small progress.

Edit: Figures are from Bronze Max packs.


Don’t forget the RNG part of both the win and paid loot crates. You could have ended up not getting many of several different pins, which could have resulted in either more wasted pins of others, or getting enough to max out several pins.

I really hope they do something to help us out so we can earn the achievements for maxing out a pin and reaching player level 20. After all, someone (MediaTonic and/or TC) set those goals. But with servers set to shutdown in 178 days, It is unrealistic to think anyone will get there unless they spent a ton of money.

If they are not going to keep the servers up for the 4+ years it would take for the free-to-play folks, then someone really needs to make some adjustments. Either lower the requirements, or resources needed, or give everyone enough in-game resources to get there.


That is why I am only putting it at a guess, due to RNG making it impossible to give an exact figure.

It definitely helps to show though that TC/mediatonic are screwing over their playerbase, even some that have spent thousands, because they didnt spend enough thousands in time.


I fully agree. I checked my purchase history last night over $1,500.00 spent by me, about half-way on the pins needed and one-fourth of the way to the coins needed. And that’s with over 4,900 wins, completing about 99% of daily bounties and steak/omen packs, and 100% of crew bounties, and getting one of each physical pop figure that came with a code for bonus pins.