The Gears Pop Community needs more help from The Coalition / MediaTonic

Sorry, just an expression. It adds the 1 to the 102,001 progress for Seriously

I got you

and the versus wins ofc.

Not really an update that helps further with other achievements but the last update really did help a lot.

So the seriously grind is back on.


I just got a ton of packs in my inbox. Not sure what for!

How many games you need to win?

Anyone else getting infinite loading screens when matched with somebody on PC? Have to close the game every time and it’s happening like every 3 games.

Update: 400 wins to go…

Yeah it happens to me aswell.

550 wins, 78,000 pins , 530 horde waves, 60,000 power.

That’s what I still need to 100% the game. I started with 18 days until server closure. Now there is only 12 days. I’m getting worried about pin kills. :disappointed:

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My 7k gold are happy to read this, nice last update. Thanks for everything.

I think I’m gonna quit grinding for now. The only achievement I still need is the “max a pin” one, and my Fahz pin is the closest right now (only 727 more duplicates needed).

I’ve been saving up my crystals for a while now, having around 2k. I’m assuming just buying the Gear packs will be more than enough to reach the goal. I kinda assume they’ll have at least the same amount of pins as the win reward chests (STU and Budd-e: 50 epic pins; Max!: 200 epic pins).

Gonna be a huge grind to get that done tbh

If you want pin kills

Option 1 - Horde
Brumak Horde and use nemacysts on the attacking lines. If you want to hog the kills create an alternate account on another phone/pc that you can play with. Then you can take all the kills and they can get covers.

Option 2 - PVP
Again this is probably going to have to be against your own alt account because no one uses this meta anymore.

Your pins, Boomer, grenadier, nemacysts
Alt account pins, Myrah, wretches, e-hole, juvies, lancer, snubs

Have them spam those pins to rotate and get as many wretches on the field. Boomer goes next to your tower. Run everything on the far side.

Still gonna take ages though. But every single wretch is a pin. Myrah generates 3 every couple seconds. Plus wretches, lancer, snubs let’s you rotate quickly back through again and gives easy to kill pins.

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I would drop Nemacysts and replce with Sentinel, then add Del, Sam, and Seeder. Sentinel is flying so takes 0 damage from Wretches or Juvies, so can rack up some decent damage/kills on its own. Del’s buzzkill will bounce between enemies and Sam’s shock will slow them down making them easy targets for either Boomer or Sentinel.

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What’s the best way to match up with an alt? Ranked?

How do casual MM parameters work?

Matchmaking parameters are that opponents must be within 4 player levels, and either 100 cog tags for ranked/casual or 400 cog tags (or more) in PvP events.

When searching, you’ll see the matchmaking wheel spin. During spins 1-3 it will only look for the same level as you. During spins 4-5 it will look for 1 level below to 1 level above you. Spins 6-7 will look for 2 levels below to 2 levels above. Spins 8-9 will look for 3 levels below to 3 levels above. Spins 10+ will look for 4 levels below to 4 levels above.

While a level 20 can, and often will, find a level 16, it is not easy to consistently do it as either of the players would match up against a wide range of other players before they could even find each other. But it also depends on where the two players are on the leaderboard. If you’re both in the top 10 for example, there is a really small pool of players in cog tag range of either of you. Being way lower in the 3,000+ spot range would put you in a much larger pool of players, but most are probably not level 20s, so it might be easier to meet there to boost.

So just to clarify, casual mode also uses cog tags as a matchmaking restriction? So essentially I’m going to have to play my alt account up to the same level of cog tags to my main?


But as long as your main has gotten to Gold League, you could start losing matches to lose tags while you play your alt to gain tags

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Exactly what I’m doing right now man.

I think this is going to be the best way in the long run. Annoying to have to waste 100 or so wins on my alt but it’s going to make it so much quicker once I get my accounts matched up.

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