The Gears Pop Community needs more help from The Coalition / MediaTonic

It was announced yesterday that Gears Pop will be shutting down. As I type this the game has 179 days left to live. And this post is an attempt to implore the game developers to do more to help its dedicated completionist community.

@TC_Sera we really need the Game developers to do some maths and take pity on this community.

Let me give you my personal example - and I hope there are many others that chime in with theirs.

I got the game on Day 1 and have played every day (give or take) since then.

I have 3,141 wins. Let’s assume I have had as many losses because this game is tough sometimes when you match make against a higher level opponent. So that is 6,282 versus games. All clocking in at somewhere between 1 minute and 3 minutes 45 seconds. For this I am going to just assume the standard 3 minute game because I probably have drawn hundreds of games as well.

6,282 games at 3 minutes = 18,846 minutes which is 314.1 hours OR 13.09 Actual full days.

Now lets assume I have played the same time in Horde. I am going to guess I have played more but just for the sake of argument we will just double my time played.

So after 26 FULL days of play over the last year and a bit I have managed to reach the following position.

Player Level 16 with 2865 XP
Max Bronze pin is level 17
Max Silver pin is level 12
Max Gold pin is level 8
Max Purple pin is level 3

Over on True Achievements someone was kind enough to create a spreadsheet where you can track your position.

According to this sheet I am currently 18.33% towards player level 20.

Let’s let that sink in. After 26 FULL days play I am 18.33% complete.

If I had 6,527,000 coins and could upgrade all my pins it would take me to player level 17 with 6692 XP. That would be 30.28% complete towards player level 20.

There are 179 days left of this game!

The daily challenges now give 7500 coins. There are only 537 daily challenges left in the entire games life. If I do every single one I will get 4,027.500 coins. Not even enough to cover the amount I need to upgrade everything I could upgrade right now.

There are 6 store items every day that cost 6,000 coins a day. That is 1,074,000 coins as well.

I am not a good enough mathematician to take into account the RNG of the fact that there are 61 pins and I can not possibly get enough duplicate pins for the ones I need.

Let’s just look at my highest Bronze pin - Level 17 Drone. I need 72,000 duplicate pins and 1,610,000 coins for it to get to level 20. How is that going to be possible when every drop is one of 61 different pins?

There are 4296 hours till closure. I am going to be asleep for 1432 hours of that and at work for 1611 hours of that. That leaves 1253 hours. BUT WAIT, of course every chest I earn has cool downs of between 4-24 hours so I can not actually use all that time anyway.

Let’s face it. TC and MediaTonic need to do some maths and help us.

Make every store item free and multiply the amount of pins by 10 or more.
Make every chest you earn in versus a legendary and make the cool down time 1 hour.
Cut the duplicate pins needed to upgrade.
Cut the amount of coins needed to upgrade.
Cut the amount of XP needed to go up player levels.

Or do nothing and alienate your completionist fan base more.




It’s difficult that devs feel pity for us, the F2P players, if the game was mostly of spending real money to stomp your enemies and level up faster.

Or at least, remove green boxes from versus, or give us only thumpers lvl 12, and/or made horde events from those thumpers (forget about Hammer of Horde, and the random one that I can’t remember the name).

I wonder how many players would be spending their real money if the store wasn’t down to finish this game once and for all.


Yesterday, I decided to run a little experiment. I had a Shock Barrier pin at ~3,460 duplicates around and wanted to see how far I’m getting with that, when it was at level 5 when I started. Some 50k couns(rough estimate) later, it was at level 13 and with around 220 duplicates remaining. The above screenshot was my progression after putting a fair few hours in but ending up no longer playing because of imbalances, bad matchmaking constantly pitting me against opponents I had no chance of winning against because they had higher level pins and used some stupidly OP pins/pin combos. Taken last night as well.

As someone who wants to reach Reup 50 in Gears 5 but currently can’t because the ridiculous grind wall is so discouraging while I spend more than half my day in school most of the time, and with sleep added to that, with my current standing at Reup 26 Level 50 I’d be grinding only instead of playing to have fun for the better part of the next 6 months to a year, most likely, if I ever wanted to get there before Gears 5 ended. I can feel the pain. But at least they’re seemingly changing that, though I honestly expect they’re just spreading the XP out over more Reups and making the required total higher like they’ve done the Allies system.

The only thought that comes to mind when looking at such grind heavy systems is : What were they thinking? And clearly, with whoever was in charge of monetization and progression design in Pop had a big $ sign hanging in front of their eyes while creating it. I am aware free to play mobile games would require some microtransactions revenue to keep on going but damn, I thought we were beyond this type of greed on blatant display.

Also : Mild envy of Ghost because he gets to complain to Sera about grind issues in direct(no issues).

Also 2 : I suspect a server shutdown may come because of plummeting player numbers of those who don’t have the will to put up with the BS of Pop being more frustrating than fun 90% of the times. I never really joined any “crews” for Horde either despite a reserve of thumpers. And possibly backlash against the ridiculous P2W and pay to progress systems in place. I never spent any money and can definitely say that after only a few weeks almost any enjoyment I used to have playing the game just vanished.

Also 3 : Damn this game is a battery hog.

96,112 is how many common pins you need for a single one to go from level 1-20.

Edit: for reference you are 4.20% of the way to getting that pin maxed out!

On a different note:

At character level 10 with 553 exp you are 1.49% of the way to level 20.

I wonder if it’s TC or Mediatonic who decided to make these things so absurd to level up.

Other fun math : With the current Reup system at Reup 26 Level 50, I am roughly 21.73% of the way to Reup 50 Level 100(17,830,600/82,070,000 x 100). How would I ever complete that? Sounds almost as bad as the Pop grind except with less RNG and money not really getting you so far because Boost doesn’t really help so much with it.

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God bless you man. You almost done with POP?

Level 20 33.91%
Highest Pin 31.54%

So in other words, you have a heck of a lot more to go…man I tell you, you have dedication. I wish Judgement didn’t screw you over.


It is a lot easier now than it used to be, and I can grind up until the bitter end and hopefully get there.


It’s time to let go man.



I want to post an image from Hellsing, but it’s in German so I would have to censor it.

More on topic: TC not leaving this game broken and dead would be appreciated. Fans have spent ridiculous amount of time and or money on this game. They deserve better IMO.


I don’t want to even know the exact amount. I probably spent a couple hundred trying to be competitive.

I guess I’ll write it off to an ill conceived plan for a mobile game.

Won’t start playing another Gears mobile game though.

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hopefully they do a 1000x pins and coins

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I really do hope they do something for everyone who is trying to complete this, but I highly doubt they will at this point.

They are shutting the game down because they are moving time/resources away from this and on to other stuff. My buddy pointed out this is the same dev who created Fall Guys, which is currently very popular.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there is just a skeleton crew on POP now making sure it limps to the finish line.

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As a light pay player, I only need to run another 20,871 Horde Thumpers to get enough coins to reach player level 20. That’s assuming the RNG will equally distribute the pins I get from running those hordes and can actually have enough pins to get everything to 1 level short of max.

That will just leave 1 pin I need I need to actually max for that achievement…

But let the number of Horde runs I need sink in. 20,871. That’s an AVERAGE of 117 runs per day, every day for 179 days. If each Horde run takes 5 minutes, that’s 585 minutes (9.75 hours) each and every day until the end.

The drop rates for pins and especially coins needs to be increased by 10x at a minimum.

Note: these numbers are for me only. I’ve racked up over 4,000 VS wins, spent over $1,000 on Crystals to boost my levels, and redeemed all of the codes that came with the last wave of physical Gears Pop figures. I cringe to think of the numbers a true Free-To-Play player would be looking at right now.

While I am unsure whether or not it is technically possible, it is highly improbably that you would hit player level 20 without maxing at least one Pin along the way.

I will be shocked if a pure F2P player completes this game.

There are 64 pins in the game, as it does not count the 3 ultimates as pins for some reason. If you take all 64 to 1 level short of max (19 for commons, 15 for rares, 13 for epics, and 7 for legendaries) you’ll get a total of 167,326 XP. Player Level 20 requires 166,830 so there is just a little room to spare.

But the killer is the coins. It would take a total of 77,190,548 coins to get everything to Max-1. Plus one to Max for an additional 780,000 to 830,000, so basically 78,000,000 coins needed total.

With all the playing and buying I’ve done over the last year+, I have only accumulated 12,600,748 coins. So I need over 65,000,000 more in the next 179 days.

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If you’re under level 18 I’d assume you’re not finishing this game. Even at 18 and 19 you still have a grind ahead. I know they increased the legendary drop rate but that’s not gonna be enough especially since you still have to wait 24hrs to open the pack.

They’ve got nothing to lose at this point so they should double or even triple all rewards across the board.


Coins really need to be increased by 10x at a minimum. Coins awarded/won is horrible. There’s no way to reasonably earn the 78,000,000 coins needed to upgrade enough pins to reach player level 20.