The “Gears Lore Master” is leaving TC

Whether you knew him or not or what he did, he knew his stuff when it came to the lore.

Respects are paid. That’s all I have to say for now.


That is sad news, I wonder why he is leaving, I hope it’s not due to office politics.


His contract is up, nothing to do with office politics.


Then I wonder why he did not renew his contract.

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Perhaps it wasn’t offered. Also makes you wonder why certain other folks’ contracts seem to have no expiration date.


TC can’t. MS offers contracts and then doesnt renew them past a certain point so they can get away with not having to pay full employee benefits. They would breaching IR laws by having contract employees re-contracted over and over because in some jurisdictions that would constitute as a full time continuous employee. MS got in trouble for this previously and instead of then giving most of their employees in the gaming division continuous fulltime work they went in the opposite direction and made more work “contract” and shorter terms. TC is owned by MS and has to follow their rules

Some people arent on contracts, people like Dana or Michael are Fulltime continuous employees. From my understanding its about a 10% F/T, 90% contract split at TC.


Maybe the new Cyberpunk issues will be enough to convince devs to hire competent people full time.

It’s amazing how bad gaming is currently.

I blame these part time contracts as the problem.


It is definitely a huge problem. We need more game studios having continuous fulltime employees so they understand the systems instead of a revolving door line up like its a fast food joint.



Big corporation to blame…

I guess that’s what happens when games get bought by the monopoly


I’ve only had a chat with him once on a dead Twitter handle I used primarily to ask him a question about the Stalker Kantus but he was really nice and helpful with the question (even though there wasn’t really anything to offer it was still appreciated nonetheless). I wish him nothing but the best.


Lots of corps are doing this now. I do work for 3 big ones and your 10/90 figure is correct. The lack of vertical integration may be good for their bottom line, but always produces sub par results. No skin in the game.

Long Live Guardian!!!


“Gears Lore Master”. What does that mean ?

It’s a general scourge, not just in gaming. Cheap, Cheap, CHEEEAPP:
All for the investor all for the bottom line.

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Gears 6 future looks more and more uncertain.


But still more certain then Heisenberg’s!? :thinking:

I remember Parasidian from the original forums. Didn’t even know he worked for TC! :smile:

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I don’t necessarily think it’s just bad developers. Cyberpunk has suffered from poor management from the top. The producers need to take a fair portion of the blame here. They knowingly released a broken product on certain platforms, with evidence of poor communication throughout.

Sounds familiar to me.

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This is almost reminding me of Bioware. All the people that made it what it is have left. One way or another. It’s just not the same studio I fell in love with anymore.


The loss of Bioware to EA was a horrible tragedy, I agree :frowning:


Not to be offensive, but I don’t know what he has done for the series. Could anyone please explain?