The Gears 5 Trailer we never got to see



That was entertaining but just one thing. The figures used were Gears 4 version. There’s already Gears 5 versions to match with the trailer. Just a little detail I noticed,…

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Correct these pictures were taken 4 weeks ago and the Gears 5 figures came out in USA last week,

In the UK the only one to even show up is the Marcus Fenix one. We not even getting the collectors box over here…


Re collector box. I just keep looking on Ebay UK. Not in stock and silly money at the mo. I will keep looking though.


No one in UK said they was getting it in, not even forbidden planet we keep looking on Zavvi as they seem the best for POPs

They are on Ebay, prices from £80-150. But just stock photos, so im not going to bite. Shame Gamestop dont post to us.

RAAM, Marcus with head and Sniper all ended up on Amazon uk. Fingers crossed, even if third party.

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Its such a risk on ebay if it doesnt show the product other than stock images.

Only place i would try is Forbidden planet or place in space

Honestly, the availability of these Pop figures is strange to say the least. I only really wanted the Gears 5 Kait figure and I usually order stuff from Amazon. It was on there up until a few days before the new batch of figures was released and then poof, gone. All of the other Gears pop figures were still there, both old and new, but the Gears 5 Kait figure page just vanished into thin air. Slightly annoying if you ask me.

Amazon uk have (had them ?)them all for June release. I have the set on preorder.

Also they have the mini ones at a box of 12 for £24 which is outstanding value, obs a risk with doubles but at £2 a go, well worth it.

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted one when I could preorder, but when I was decided it’d disappeared. Given where I live, I usually order at the german Amazon website, and it had all the figures, until a day or two before May 23rd and only the Gears 5 Kait figure was listed to come out at some date in June. I think. Until the page for it disappeared, that is. I had looked on the american website but same there. All the figures but Gears 5 Kait. That box only really seems like a good option if you’re looking to collect a lot or all of the figures, not if you just want a single one, though.

I. Am. Dead

Well, I went back to Amazon to check if I could obtain the Gears 5 Kait Pop figure and sure enough, there it was…

Looking at this made me want to rewatch the original trailer. Even now I still can’t get over how stunningly crisp and colorful it looks, especially in the cutscenes, and how well the music fits the trailer. Even if it’s just a trailer I have this feeling that Gears 5 will top 4 by miles, at the very least in regards to its story and soundtrack. I really shouldn’t be watching it because it makes my impatience for Gears 5 awaken, and it’s already not going away far because I’m a bit out of things to do at this moment.

Replay the original trilogy ? Starting with UE version of 1. :slight_smile: