The Gears 5 Store - A comparison

Hey all, so there’s been a ton of talk about the store as of late and I thought I’d do a comparison of my second favourite game!
Rainbow Six Siege!

So here is an image of what Siege has for esports right now, today as well as the currency.

  • Character Skin
  • Weapon Skin/s
  • Charm
    TOTAL: £8.59

And here’s Gears 5’s esports character skins and currency…

  • Character Skin
    TOTAL: £14.99

This isn’t to hate on TC, more to inform them.
There’s no reason to have it so high and it’s pretty disappointing that it hasn’t even been addressed.
I didn’t even add the cut up weapon skins… What’s that?
I feel like I might end up ranting, so I’ll leave it there.
But TC, if you see this, PLEASE address it.
And don’t delete this please, thanks :kissing_heart:

But hey, that’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY!
Aaaaaaand cut.


They’re not trying to hide it. They are very much aware of the prices they set up in comparison to every game. They’re aware that theY cut up weapons from skin pack sets. They don’t care. They intentionally didn’t include characters and skins in the game knowing customers would be hungry for content, so they upped the prices of their store content to match the demand. It’s not even hidden tho. It’s a giant slap and a hard swift kick to the crotch for gears players. It’s disgusting and shameful.

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TC need to definitely offer better value and quality.

Chrome Steel is nice, although the two launch characters are bad, they don’t have that same appeal or detail as Black Steel Pack 1.

The cut up packs and the single drip feed character deployment is disappointing and slow.

Even with the rewards rank skins,

It’s like, 1 skin every 2-3 weeks!