The Gears 5 Stats debacle is something to take lesson from and not redo

So ever since Gears 1 a huge part of my fun on this game has been to rack kills and wins. Gears always had great leaderboards/war journals that would track EVERYTHING even the number of boltok kills you had (from 3) but the sheer minimum of Kills, Deaths, Wins, Losses was always there per mode etc.

Now with Gears 5, despite loving this game and prefering it way more to 4 in term of gameplay, the stats has been such a mess. I mean i don’t even recall exactly how many times the modes were changed and how it affected wins. For instance on the website now my wins for KOTH and TDM are still showing but those modes were removed from rank. We pretty much starting over with Control. Then the quickplay stats of TDM, Guardian etc im sure were not accurate as at one point those modes been meshed together and now on the website, in QUICK play, everything is gone, no stats for TDM, Guardian etc, everything is do over for the new playlist mix up.

So not only i loss all my wins (at least individually) for the legacy modes even tough they are still playable, but also the new stats do not even show my total kills AGAIN. Just KD and wins.

The only place to see a general idea of my real stats is the VERSUS stat card overall, wich does give me my total kill, my KD and my total wins. So if i can make my deaths known by doing simple maths with KD, i can’t even know my total losses.

Then like many peoples i did play coop vs AI either for objectives that were too annoying and at some points to have the friendship/allie counter up before they patched it. So my stats are not completely accurate at least for a competitive player like me, as i have 300 wins of bot games, who knows how many kills (i tried to not farm too much tough and let my friends do the kills when we were boosting the ally achievement)

So anyway sure you can argue that in quickplay there is bots, and a bot kill is still a kill, so ok lets say this total number of kills is still my “real” killcount, fine, but thats still all i have. No way to see how many wins i have per modes etc. Maybe in game they reworked it better but on the website its a mess, will have to see in game but looking at it fast yesterday i couldn’t find what i was looking for.

So the whole point is, i hope for Gears 6 they have detailed stats from the get go and stick to them. I mean if they want to add/remove modes of rank and quick, swap them etc, im cool with it, but keep the stats visible for all modes at all pointts like Gears 4.Not have stats disapear and be replaced by a new mish mesh of “classic objectives”


Yeah, it’s really a shame. They had a great stats model with Gears 3…just bring that back please for Gears 5 and 6.

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Gears 5 stats are completely underwhelming. They don’t even seem to be accurate half of the time, but as you’ve mentioned, there’s just not a lot there to begin with.

I’d love for them to keep track of stats for each mode. A couple type of stats I’d be interested in seeing:

K/D, W/L, etc. for games while playing as the COG, and Swarm separately.
K/D, W/L, etc. for games that you’ve won and games that you’ve lossed, separately,
K/D, W/L, etc. for each round of a game - so you can compare how you play in the first round of a TDM game, compared to round 3.

Do I expect them to implement anything like that? Probably not, but I just think it would be super cool.

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In our legacy games the war journals were (are) great and so is 4’s. We need something along those lines for Gears 6.


Im not looking for as hardcore as you say. I don’t care how much i killed as Cog and as Swarm. All i want is the stats from Gears 3, Judge, 4 etc… detailed stats for modes both rank and unranked. Gears 3 was perfect in term of War Journal.

Improving is great.
Regressing is bad

Easy life knowledge there

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