The Gears 3 Mantle Kick is in Gears 5

If you mantle kick something in Cole’s ultimate, this happens.
It is pretty buggy (surprise!) and can cause you to teleport. Look at Tai’s airtime when he kicks the Drone.

Also, notice the kill icon is different than the normal mantle kick icon.


WTF…that’s FxCKing Cool :sunglasses:

Special Cole Style :face_with_monocle:

or…welcome to the…Easter Egg

Interesting that it is in the game but it acts a bit different. When the Drone isn’t down, it knocks it away a bit, like in 3 but not always. It likes to just teleport you on top of the cover instead.

I have known about the kick for a week but this is the first time I actually killed something with it.

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That’s pretty rad!

So do you know you can mantle kick Juvies and damage them with it, or knock an enemy standing at the bottom of a slide out of the way(which if you’re using a class with melee bleed, will both apply it)?

Fits more or less in the same category.

Works on Leeches too. When it is done to Juvies, they take very little damage.

Yeah well, like I said, only useful on Juvies if you use it with a class that can apply melee bleed. It also works on Drone enemies kicked at the bottom of a slide.

Also, I just got slam kicked by a Reject doing this same move in Horde. Go figure.

That looks awesome lol

Must be something leftover? The animation looks wonky as is.