The gansher needs another rework?

Maybe it’s the hit box, maybe it’s the gnasher, idk, but this needs to stop, anyone with a modded controller with rapid fire can get 80 kills thanks to how broken this game is

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Im thinking its the kill cam my dude. I have come across this way too many times and it seems to be just the cam. I hope someone from the DEV team can back me up. . I really do hope

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The kill cam is not accurate. TC stated that awhile ago.

Kill cam. That’s why I disabled it. That and because I didn’t want to relive how I died.

They need to fix the problem when you guys both shoot each other and one gets a body and one gets 97%.

The first step to get better is to turn off the gd killcam.

Also, this game has no skill gap - it’s mandatory for me to say.