The game won't install

I pre-ordered the game a while ago, and I couldn’t launch the game, update it, or reinstall it. Clicking install does nothing, updating does nothing, installing from the “manage” menu does nothing. Uninstalling the pre-order preinstall and trying all of the above does nothing.

FFS, the Windows Store really is a piece of crap. Wishing I got it on Steam right about now.

And of course, the game isn’t eligible for a refund in my order history. Lovely.

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Same for me. I tried everything. Reinstalling Store, Gaming Service and the XBOX App. The Game just don’t install. :frowning:

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we hawe the same problem on steam as well :disappointed_relieved:

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I tried for hours to get it to preinstall yesterday. Reinstalling a couple of times and googling all possible answers. I finally got it to install by reinstalling gaming services. First by uninstalling through a powershell command and then reinstalling from the store , but… it wouldn’t reinstall and didn’t tell me why. Turned out it needs to install to the system drive, So if your default path is on another drive, it just doesn’t install. After changing to the system drive the gaming services installed and Gears Tactics started preloading. Hope it can help some of you.

same problem here

@TC_Octus is there any update here? I’ve seen multiple reports of this on Reddit and Twitter as well.

Thank you!

I tried installing on my system drive. It didn’t make a lick of difference.

This game is totally screwed. It absolutely will not install on my computer. This has never happened to me before now. A Microsoft game, on a Microsoft OS, downloaded on a Microsoft delivery platform. You’d think it would work without a hitch.

I swear to God, Microsoft is getting worse by a the week.

It’s a sign

This is getting a bit absurd that we’re nearing the end of day 3 post-launch and we haven’t even gotten an acknowledgement.

Same problem here

Likely the issue is affecting a small amount of users but for most people the game is working. They typically don’t acknowledge problems like these until enough people complain.

So sad…

It’s one thing for Microsoft to release a game that won’t install, it’s another to completely ignore those facing the issue.

It’s another huge leap from there to deny refunds. What is this Mickey Mouse bull****? Microsoft has had its fair share of problems in the past, but recently it seems like it’s getting out of control.

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Had the same problem and refuse to re install windows. Got in que for a call from windows support. He walked me through several updates and command prompt fixes. Had a corrupt file in windows, the command prompt fixed this problem and installed Gears without issue. If you have issues just get in que for a tech call to walk you through this. Solved my problem.

Windows 10, gaming services, and Gears Tactics itself have all received updates since launch, and the game still won’t install.

This level of incompetence from TC and Microsoft is approaching mythic proportions.

I did call Windows Support, by the way. Got several robo calls a couple of hours later saying try again. I have a full time job; I don’t have all god damn week to play back and forth with over-the-phone tech support.

Fix your god damn s***, guys.

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I found this solution works.