The game type horde sometimes annoys the automatically chosen maps

please put at least 2 maps to choose in horde mode so that there is no dislike of some players and they have to leave


This is something that has to change. People complain about Horde quitters all of the time. Part of the issue is the lack of map voting, I agree. Locking the lobby to one map is a surefire way to cause quitting. Some maps are just garbage.


thank you and I hope to be heard …

And what if 2 players dislike first Map, and 3 players dislike second Map?
How do they choose?
One of the main reasons for leaving, is usually class composition, levels/re-ups/, the game play not working out right or losing faith in each others’ abilities.

Map voting won’t solve anything unless you’re in a private group of 5 for public horde…The same will happen just like VS…3 people choose one map or game type and the other 2 choose the others and oh look they leave…it’ll be impossible to fix the quitters in Horde

Well, map voting would be a slight improvement, but we will still lie in the same situation even with this. Just instead it is community inflicted.

It wouldn’t happen in Gears 4 anyway, as it would devalue the SP and the point of the SP.

That happens right now. I’ve paid for season pass and can’t use all maps just because I play public.

That 's a damaged experience.

It is. I hate the SP, as do you and many others. It’s probably the worst investment I’ve made in my 9 years of Xbox Live.

The only people it helps now is Horde players for private matches. And that in itself is a small portion of the community. I think Chaps posted a thread saying that certain players should get it. I’ve found it HERE.

I think the actual post is further down the thread, and not the OP, but even back then, it was inevitable that only really Horde players would get some worth out of it.

So let all damn maps available.

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I want that. I want variety. It gets a bit boring after a while seeing Foundation turn up, and then you know when that turns up, everyone will go for that.

It just seems like TC are treating Esports players with their own rules. And casual players are being left in the dark, all because they don’t want change. Who knows, maybe if players actually tried a map like Dawn, it may be a popular map. It just doesn’t make sense.

All the maps are in Horde, however, apart from the really awful ones, like Lift. And the SP is the only reason why people without the SP can go into private and play on Diner right now.