The game to win Clown’s heart

I’m eastern.


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We’re relatively close by.

Should we just choose a neutral location to meet at and have a fist fight maybe?


Don’t end up known as the guy who ended up fighting someone else to the death over Gears, yeah? We wouldn’t want that to happen surely.

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We’re not fighting over Gears! We’re fighting over @TC_Clown!

Geez Wall! Read the thread!

Ok. So as of now, my team will consist of @HerrKatzchen, probably @TurnerBurner922 and @RelaxingKoty, and maybe, just maybeeee @Mark36111.

Yeet bros

Fighting over the clown… in Gears… seems pretty legit to me. Don’t you dare to insinuate I can’t read like all those randoms in the Horde and Escape lobby browser!

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I’m sorry wall, I’m sorry. I’ll stop insinuating that. It was rude of me

I’ll post my team to this thread when @GuiltyCrisis and I pick our other 3

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This is one of the if not the most interesting topics ive seen on here in quite a while, nice to see fellow gears players getting along

I hope someone will record this in spectator mode and post it on here.

Or perhaps @TC_Sera or someone a TC can stream this as a spectator?


Just make sure the teams are of similar skill lvl.

Cant have uneven skilled matches in gears now can we…?


Mine isn’t quite set in stone, but it’s who I’m expecting lol.

I certainly hope they’ll all be playing.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but someone else will have to do that lol. I don’t have the ability to record a full KOTH game on my Xbox.

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Whens this happening?

As soon as both teams are set more than likely. That and making sure everyone in said teams are available at whatever time.

@SPARGELKOHL what are all of your members ranks?

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Not a clue lmao. Turner is a gold I think.

No clue on the rest. I’m a silver though😂

Ok, good luck, i hope u have some good people on ur team as i believe @guiltycrisis is a very good player

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Yes. He is. Hahaha. He could be a bit of a problem for us, but I’m confident we can make it work.

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That’s fine.

We’re all silver here


Good to know lmao