The Game is trash

I really can’t believe all the money I spent on a game that is sensuously a complete rubbish the ranking systems simply a joke you win sums less than 100 points you lose you subtract 200 300 700 it is a complete scam without mentioning the match what they explained that according to They were based on skill and how many lies they told us all turned out to be just nice words because to date the game pairs you with pure people that you can see that they just downloaded the game with a lot of difficulty they point and seriously those types of players have the same skills as an onyx that a diamond is seriously another is that the handicap in this game is completely cheeky the aim is obviously with new players or with those who have paid content this became a pay to win not to mention the damage balancing failures of their weapons that is crazy and to prove it I have 2 Screenshots and I would like someone to explain to me what happens here because I did not find I do not enter any logic in that but anyway this is a game that I recommend if you only want to play the campaign or the other modes like Horde or Escape but for the online multiplayer it is a complete and emphatic rubbish failure after failure after failure and they do nothing To improve the truth I regret having bought this game but I can not do anything about it I will only say that a huge disappointment this game had too high expectations but


TC did a halo 5, so basically cared for people who quit early and stop playing, they should of just went with gears 3 balancing and gameplay.

1st image: Probably because of Aim assist, head damage and perfect reload…

2nd image: I’ve got no clue wtf happened, what’d you die by there?

It was clear back during the Test Tech this game wasn’t good (reason I’m staying away).
Not many saw it and these are the consequences lol.


Which would be what?

Punctuation is overrated. :joy:


Do you watch Zero Punctuation? The games review programme by that misanthropic British guy Yahtzee Crowshaw?




“Let’s eat grandma!”

“Let’s eat, grandma!”


“Jesus Christ! Were you born in a barn?!”

“Jesus Christ were you born in a barn?”

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No, sorry. I don’t really watch TV much. When I do, it’s usually some silly show the kids have on.

He’s done a few of the GOW games.


:rofl: That was great! Thanks. :rofl:

Horrible thread


A picture is worth a thousand words…

But if you upload the actual clips we could explain them fully for you OP.

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Thats brilliant!..

I fined rank not to bad except when I win and I’m like 18 -7 and get a 0 points or I get a nice 10 points on a win lol then I lose one game not doing bad and its random it can be 120 points or 278 or 1598 points like how u get that big jump I’m ok with losing 120 to 300 but not 1500+ for one lil lose.other then that it’s not that bad.

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Which means that it’s not good.

I’m only playing ranked to get the achievement to win 1 match per week until operation ends then back to horde for me.

Every Gears game that includes Vs will always suck. Gears 6 will be a mess since they love changing movement speed and connection never gets improved … and they say 60 Hz is in this game. The gameplay doesn’t feel smooth at times


Where’s the funny?

Yea. But I like the title!