The game is right back to freezing frequently again

I tried to play Horde and by wave 16 it froze and my entire PC reset itself…and just now i was in a ranked TDM and it froze and i had to quickly restart the game and rejoin the match. I could have sworn they announced that the freezing issue was fixed…

They said a significant reduction in the number of crashes but not a complete fix.

Also a more recent response from Octus:

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Happens on console as well

No issues on PC here :sunglasses:
(Undisclosed solution)

Having an AMD card :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah a game that already has a ton of issues has one more issue with Nvidia…Guess i’d better switch my wonderful GTX1080 to an RX580 :laughing:

I also have a 1080, I feel your pain.

My crashes went down significantly. I’m still in constant fear but I can actually play ranked again without worrying about screwing over teammates.

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So if one were to build a pc from scratch what’s a setup that has virtually no issues? Is there one? Anyone know?

I would definitely not build a PC specifically for Gears… I mean, its a Windows 10 exclusive game yet it had issues because Windows 10 updated for crying out loud

Not a pc expert but avoid nvidia cards if you planning to play gears 4 on pc.

Odd. Had one of my best VS games this evening. No lag, most shots felt smooth and registered. Even got a nice triple against a stacked team. Sorry y’all are having issues still :disappointed_relieved:

not really “back” to freezing because it never stopped. you just had a lucky streak of it not freezing.

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network stability has nothing to do with this issue. it can happen when playing the Campaign

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Hopefully RTX will be an improvement in this area. Of course, a bit ridiculous having to buy a new card just to play an old game. Hopefully they can fix this issue but after all this time, I seriously doubt it.

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I didn’t say anything :sunglasses:

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Freezing happens on my ASUS Dual RX 580’s 8GB, refreshed with clean install of Win 10, still happens, swapped to two Sapphire Pulse 580’s 8GB, same issue. Tried generic drivers first and current drivers, and all reported fixes. Game is unplayable.

RX 580 myself, never had an issue.
Seems very odd. What’s your current driver?
Wife got a ROG Strix, I got a Gigabyte, both 8GB

This does make me a bit curious.
You guys mind answering some questions?
Will assume none of you OC, so I’ll leave that out.

  1. Custom built PC or Store bought brand?
  2. What motherboards are you using?
  3. What Memory kits? (Speed + size)
  4. What version of Windows 10? (Home, Pro etc?)

I7 8700 3.7 GHz 12MB
Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8G 3200M
Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD
Win 10 Pro v1803

Tried downgrade to previous version of Win 10, same issue. Installed game to different drive, Intel SSD, same issue. All Steam games work without issue.