The game doesn't open anymore

After the update of the day Friday 28, June.
The game crash in the load screen, don’t works if i restart my Xbox one.
What am i supossed to do? I don’t wanna download 100 GB Again.
I hope an solution very quick.
Peace Out.

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Several people are presenting the same problem after the last update, including me. The truth is not in my plans to download again 97Gb, sorry 98.

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Try starting the game while signed in to another profile. It could be a profile game save glitch.

Same problem , had it after the last update and redownloaded it and it worked.and now the same problem after this update

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I read a possible solution and it is to do a hard reset in xbox one

Hey, guys, it happened to me. It’s the same thing that you put on the logo of gears of war 4 but it gets blocked and it returns me to the beginning.

Hi all,

I have just created a main thread about these recent crashes on Xbox One – please fill in your information here, this will be helpful to our investigation:

Many thanks

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