The Game-chat broke with OP6

Yes, I know they turned it off by default a few weeks ago, you can leave this thread again.

With that out of the way; since yesterday I can’t use the gamechat with certain people anymore despite everyone having their option turned on and NOT muted ingame or the profile.

@Wabgarok @AmicableWall421 can see my messages just fine and the other way around

@Ektope @TheurgicSleet69 can’t see my messages anymore and vice versa.

This is really annoying as I don’t have time to open my xbox-messages every 5 seconds.

And yes, I get that most people don’t use the gamechat frequently but I/we did up until recently.

@TC_Sera @TC_Kilo1062


I second this, I play on Steam and don’t use a mic, so the in-game chat is my only efficient means of communicating.


Bad enough already that you have to guess if someone has their gamechat turned on but the chat straight up not working is on another level.


Oh sweet jeebus, don’t get me started, now I can’t even tell if someone is ignoring me, or just hasn’t turned their chat on, so I’m not sure what emotional response to have.

And now you tell me that, sometimes, it can also bug out for other reasons? This is a problem that just keeps multiplying on itself! :scream:

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I told y’all they were gonna get rid of it entirely.


They really should have made it the other way around, voice should be off by default and text always on.
As it is right now anyone using voice will get muted right away… Insane how they think listening to some random forgetting to mute their mic and then yelling to their family members is acceptable behaviour…

  • I don’t feel like mic chat to strangers in every match. Text is perfect. I only mic chat if it’s people I know.

Coalition is only making the game more lame by turning off chat.

We all learnt so much from each other from chat. How to play better and learn new secrets. Now they are killing it. And they don’t care to debate it with the community.




Did either of you read the first sentence of the OP? Your posts have nothing to do with the issue on hand.

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I don’t suppose there is any give away to the problem? As in is it working for those on Xbox but not for PC or the other way around. You know know how TC is when it comes to PCs. I honestly can’t say if my game chat is being seen or not as no one answers me anyway lo.

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Doesn’t seem to be a platform-issue. @Wabgarok is on PC and we see our messages.

We haven’t found a solution yet. I played around with the few text-chat options and double checked if I didn’t mute anyone by mistake (looking at you, score-board) but nothing helped.

Damn idiots shouldn’t have messed with it in the first place just because some weak degenerates couldn’t figure out the insanely complex method to turning the chat off.


It’s a miracle you can even use game chat. When I try , there is a 10second lag (at least) before it pops up. Then another 10 second lag before I can type a single letter. Typing a simple message like “trash” takes at least 30 seconds which by then the next round has started.

Keyboard -> press U. I would get the same delay if I would use the digital keyboard ( or whatever it’s called).

I’m on digital keyboard. Useless

You could always plug in a cheap USB-keyboard. Wireless or wired/ xbox supports both. Also works with the normal dashboard and stuff like Netflix. Pretty neat.


The game chat being broken is a constant issue. Many of my friends sometimes see it. It’s not a consistent feature that works, only made worse by Coalition messing around with it. It is not a reliable feature whether it’s plain text, speech to text or text to speech.

You post has been censored. I will not stand for censorship.


Probably disabled so 12 year olds can sleep at night without seeing anyone being toxic

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I’m having a strange issue. I rarely hear people talking even though I see the mike thingy going active when someone is talking.

Party chat works fine.

Yeah that’s what I do.

I’ve just got a small usb keyboard so if anyone starts the trash talking im certainly ready :rofl::rofl:

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They’ll probably kill text chat permanently so sorry to those who rely on it.

I left chat disabled and im always in a private party (even if i’m alone) so i never have to hear any gibberish and it has greatly mitigated my chance of exposure of on-screen strings of “jajajas” and “■■■■ lancero.”

Even on pc you are probably better off with a mic for call outs since you are momentarily out of the fight to type.