The future of gears pvp. Vehicles? Prone? Crouch button? Also TC, we have to introduce (customizable?) stealth executions!

But just allow me to put one thing into perspective. using the gnasher against the computer or enemies in campaign or horde is very stale. When I play campaign on hard or above I don’t everrrrr use a shotgun. Escape mode or horde I neverr use the shotgun… in any mode that isn’t pvp I’m using power weapons lancers and ranged weapons.

That shotgun is satisfying in one very particular scenario and that is pvp. There is an art to it. If you could just get in tune with that concept at the very least it would grow on you a little bit. And many people miss out because they don’t get into gears with that mentality and don’t have someone who shows them that side of gears.

I tried the Versus in Gears 4. Wasn’t an interesting enough experience for me to stick with it.

And CQC in PvE on high difficulties tends to be far from boring and takes some skill to not suck at completely. Nor is it tied to shotguns only. Although it also has its fair share of BS to put up with. Though to be clear, I tend to prefer the Overkill to Gnasher(cause it has more range and isn’t so much get in the face of the enemy) and still don’t use the role which primarily relies on them(Infiltrator).

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I respect that. gears 4 and 5 are missing something many fans can’t quite point their finger on. And I can understand why you said it didn’t stick when you tried verses. That is the very tragic thing about the current state of gears and verses right now it doesn’t stick. I made a lot of forums one of them is a post that is explaining why that shotgun doesn’t give that same rewarding feeling anymore. But yeah much respect hopefully one day the gnasher can reach its full glory. Then I would say try verses and over time you will notice how much more meaningful those gnasher eliminations truly feel over using it on npc’s

There is an art to it, something I cant quite get down in Gears 5 lol

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Aww :star2:WINGMAN :star2:that was a favorite mode of mine, Yes please

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That’s why u run up behind them with a shotgun instead. Gears shouldn’t have stealth, being able to hear people behind u is a main part of the game.

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It’s not about silencing foot steps it would just be an extension of the battle you would just be able to get people from behind when they are focused on something els… havent you ever flanked people and they didn’t know what hit them? I mean it’s in your name lol. You never thought it would be cool to hold down melee button or something and get a swift execution? We basically have this with the chainsaw already. Why not be able to use your blade or anything it would just add some more variety to the combat. And if maps were bigger on a different mode and they did a 10v10 or 20v20 there would be more than enough opportunities to do stealth executions. And It’s not about making it a common thing that u do in every situation.

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If implemented well I could see it, still think it’s unneeded though

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U know what he means cmon

I will admit that there are times that I’ve used the Longshot or Markza and wished that prone was a feature so I’m not so conspicuous and (maybe) it could help compensate for the Markza’s recoil and seeming inaccuracy.

Stealth executions are a neat idea and I have a buddy that would be really into them. There is something crucial that needs to be implemented concerning executions however, you need to be able to save your allies from them. I’m all for styling on people that aren’t paying attention but if it’s gonna mean that half a frame of animation is all it takes to seal the executed party’s fate then it’s a bad idea.

I see what you’re saying with the meta being Gnasher-centric, it’s just what the veteran players want… I get that.
However, I am of the belief that prioritizing a gun when balancing your weapon tuning means you’ve already failed to balance your weapon tuning. The rifles were neutered so as to not suppress shotgun play… but that’s exactly what they should do, no? I shouldn’t need a stack backing me up to have it feel like the Lancer is viable for punishing someone overzealously extending with a shotgun. I’m not a PvP player anymore, but that’s just my two cents based on what I’ve seen floating around recently.

Climbing, crouching, vehicles… They require or at least would excel on bigger, more open maps that are foreign to Gears games (as far as versus maps go) with a half-exception being Judgment. It had pretty big maps with more of an emphasis on vertically layering their maps, and if you ask Gears players if they want the game to return to how GoWJ played there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be laughed at.

Wallbouncing has been the bread and butter of Gears’ movement for a long time (unfortunately) and the big, open maps would likely challenge that. It may be mediated by the inclusion of vehicles but it’ll definitely have heavy backlash if it invalidates the people that spent the past six games learning to wallbounce.
Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see a big team battle mode in Gears, but the '06ers will never allow it. (I have doubts that they would at least).

I appreciate your open-mindedness when it comes to advocating for players to play their way, I’d love stealth to be a viable playstyle. This 1v1/2v2 Gnasher battle mentality is extremely limiting and unwelcoming.

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I agree with everything you said shuffle interrupting executions is KEYYYY WE NEED THIS. But just one thing… somehow they have to tailor the game around that shotgun because it is everything. Gears punishes bad aiming and the emphasis on that with the lancers is extremely important to me. You need every damn bullet to land or you won’t have things go your way and to me that is what gears is all about. So we need to find a middle ground where people can adjust to this mentality it is the dna of gears. If you think u can stop someone with a lancer you better have immaculate aim and timing or els you will just get rushed and destroyed that is a key concept of gears that needs to remain in tact.

We just need a BR which is kept as close to a classic gow feel as possible.

Well, you can punish bad aim without catering to the Gnasher. That doesn’t mean you need to nerf it, just don’t balance things in such a way that it becomes the only logical choice for killing people in general.
Alternatively, if you introduce weapon customization then you could have ammo mods such as slugs, frag rounds, incendiary rounds… then you wouldn’t have tune the weapons so much as the mods and attachments.

In an open world type map you can’t prioritize CQC, especially if you want to introduce vehicles because then it’s just keeping things the same with extra steps.
What I’m trying to get at here is every playstyle needs to have it’s place and shouldn’t be an afterthought to the Gnasher playstyle.
Snipers should be discouraged from quick-scoping and no-scoping in close quarters. The Longshot should be cumbersome and (hot take incoming) encourage camping, Whereas the other sniper weapons could have a chance to differentiate themselves, i.e. the EMBAR would probably be a good anti-vehicle weapon.

  1. Battle Royale is an extremely stupid idea for Gears of War. The only reason it worked for Fortnight or Apex was because the games were generic and so “taking away” the audience of PUBG actually made sense on paper, how many of the 100’s of millions of players in those games would actually play a Gears of War Battle Royale mode? I suspect they’d be lucky to have a 5% theft rate lol.

  2. Its a huge amount of investment. Would make creating maps take far longer than what they already do, they’d have to add tons of guns/items to make it work I imagine, and another thing that would be awful is that all the classic maps would be unusable and thus you have to wonder how they’d go about adding Horde mode or a Beast mode.

  3. PvP is not the future of Gears. My belief is that the best franchises are great not necessarily because they do massive changes to every single aspect every title, but because they realize what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to Gears 5 for example, I don’t see too much love in any way shape or form coming towards its PvP modes, what I do see is tons of folks that play the crap out of its PvE offerings (Horde/Escape) and so if that isn’t their focus going into Gears 6 it’ll be a mistake.

  4. Overrun. Instead of throwing some darts on a board and hoping they’re bullseyes why just go with something that was A) loved and B) actually makes sense with long time fans. Just imagine how cool it would be to play with more than 4 friends at a time, you could have tournaments with great PvE players for a change, you could have tons of players that have always been sorta down on Horde/Beast mode finally come around and realize just how awesome PvE is in Gears. I imagine a mode inspired by Rainbow Six Siege (its literally the only game of its kind on the market) where the CoG team sets up their defenses, then the Swarm have to break through it, another awesome tidbit about this is that every time they add a COG/Swarm (Lambent?) character or class that means it go back to the strictly PvE mode so no wasted resources, everything they do go back other areas of the game.


I respect the time you took to write that and out of everything you said I respectfully disagree. The one major thing I did really like that you said was making a rainbow six siege style pvp for gears. That would make for an excellent mode. BUT GEARS HAS GOT TO STOP CATERING SO MUCH TO YOU PVE GUYS. This is part of the big problem with gears. You sound like a newcomer into the franchise no disrespect. And it’s the newcomers like you who seem to make this game chase it’s own tail trying to please everyone.

I am okay with them putting in a pve mode and for the sake of the fans that are more like you I truly hope it does well man. Maybe even I would give it a go more often than I do.

But to try and make this big team battle and large maps you MUST DESIGN IT WITHOUT THE GNASHER LOSING ITS GRACE. It’s almost disrespectful to the franchise to think otherwise.

Look, I don’t want gears to become pubg or metal gear solid 5 (and I definitely don’t DEFINITLY DONT want it to become Gears judgement ew). There has just got to be a way to implement the metal gear solid 5 and pubg character controls and button mapping fused with classic gears button mapping. Then make maps that can be Slightly more diverse and a more developed pvp. I don’t mean to disrespect your opinion but to say that gears needs to shy away from pvp and go for pve is just absolutely the nightmare that is gears right now. You sound happy with them leaving pvp in the dust in some way and it upsets me to hear that. Honestly it truly does. Fans like you seem to have a strong voice and it’s killing this franchise. TC DO NOT BUFF THE LANCER AND DO NOT PRIORITIZE PVE MORE THAN PVP. That is so ridiculous that anyone would think that. I liked the idea of overrun without all the weird enemy variants. I don’t want to run around as a god damn ticker or centipede or all these other weird things like a big ■■■ boom shot locust that walks slower no no no that SUCKED… let’s do a overrun mode with just the standard cog vs locust that we have in regular pvp. The other enemy variants should be npc and cog should have some type of npc to assist them in their fight as well.

This would be a beautiful space for us to both share a common ground and vehicles could be added here and more weapon variety and customization. Gears is a gnasher mans game and the only people who don’t realize that are the people who get destroyed in pvp. Maybe they can come up with some more ranged weapons but they have to all be nerfed to some degree… THIS IS GEARS OF WAR PEOPLE LETS REMEMBER WHAT WE SIGNED UP FOR!!! GEARS OF WAR AND GNASHERS FOREVER!!!

not everyone will be happy with weapon tuning in this franchise but we need to carefully very carefully expand maps size and amount of players. anti vehicle weapons is another great cool idea you made though. I like the thought of the embar being used for that and also a heavier sniper that isn’t just a one shot kill boltok on steroids I find that extremely stupid and it’s too easy to do it sometimes. But I have to say I agree with some of the things you said scattered throughout your comment. Now I have to address another demographic of the gears community this is no longer addressing you so don’t think that what I am going to say next is directed towards you it’s towards another group of the community.

Listen up folks! making gears too easy I don’t like them holding everyone’s hand in this game!!! I don’t like any competitive shooter to have holding hands of the players NO MORE! In regards to campaign mode as well!!! Do you guys hear me??? Time to stop this holding hand nonsense games are losing their charm with big bright highlights on the path that needs to be taken. If a ledge is discrete they will highlight that part of a room to help the player notice where to go. I think video games need to stop holding stupid peoples hands. I’m so sorry but that’s just the cold truth. And it’s part of the reason gears has become an easier game to master as well smh. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE A DIAMOND MASTER WEAPON SKIN SET TODAY??! They are passing them out like flyers and it makes me really sad to see everyone on the map with the diamond master skin set. I just think it’s become a participation trophy and I don’t want to get too deep but that is what is wrong with the world (of gaming) today.

A good example is resident evil 2 remake. The yellow tape always told you where to go… that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. I LOVE RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE. one of my favorite games of all time in recent memory. But that one thing I just found stupid as all hell. And this is the kind of pathetic stupid approach some people on all these different teams are taking when developing triple A games and I hate it I hate itttttt.

At the VERY LEAST I think we should spend time taking these tid bits OUT of the game when designing the harder difficulties.

@Thee_Bluejay you have to realize that Overrun is technically PvP, it just has PvE elements like classes, which isn’t a terrible idea for an idealized big team battle. This would - for the most part - make sense to Gears players both competitive and PvE enthusiasts.

Let’s stop this PvP guys against PvE guys notion. If this idea were to go through we’d all be in the same boat with something for everyone: CQC (Gnasher, Overkill, Enforcer), snipers (Longshot, EMBAR, Markza), firefights (squads with Lancers and Hammerbursts), light transport (Mule, Bloodmount, Rat Bike), tanks (Centaur, Pariah), aircrafts (King Raven, Reaver), heavy force multipliers (Boomers, DR-1, Silverback), weapons of mass destruction (Hammer of Dawn, Venom Bomb), anti-vehicle specialists (One-Shot, Ticker, Berserker) and so on…
Yes, balance is still going to be debated heavily and yes, this is very optimistic but that’s the point.

To address this, no one’s saying you have to choose this but it’s an option for those that want a heavy class that flushes people out of cover and does hefty damage to vehicles. Wouldn’t be too crazy to include these if you’re willing to allow vehicles, the difference being that these heavies would get focused by squads with Lancers and snipers, things that are too weak for vehicles and lethal on a single gear/drone.
I think to leave them out would be a missed opportunity.

And @VegetaSama925, I imagine this big team battle mode would be a nightmare to rank. At least the one that I’m imagining would (it’s sort of like Planetside 2 mixed with Titanfall) and no one is saying that this can’t be the spin-off you speak of while maintaining the PvP/PvE dichotomy in current main series Gears games.

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Good insite I love it. Just feel like those big tanky giants and tickers and all those weird things that shake up character movement in overrun should absolutely not be PLAYABLE unless it’s some type of kill streak or maybe a perk. I’m just using those buzzwords for lack of a better term but hear me out they could implement it totally differently in a more original way I get that.

It should be the standard locust vs cog that we currently have with some weapon customizations to fit your play style . I’m not saying to exclude these big slow tanky characters, beast rider, giant centipede and weirder variants etc.

I’m just saying let’s use them as a strategy in a chess like manner. We don’t need to take control of these beings they should just be AI like the way they are in horde. That way u can use them as a tool to launch an attack and send them off. Tricky but if implemented correctly it could work. Like kinda how air strikes are set up in cod. U look at the map from that Birdseye view and mark the target and you launch the attack accordingly and then your right back in the fight. Like sending ticker to disable a vehicle. Or these locust boom shot enemy’s can just come from emergence holes in the ground like they do in the campaign. Beast rider should not be it’s own class… let us just manually mount those beasts like they are vehicles as well.

Basically kinda imagine team deathmatch the way it is now cog vs swarm/locust. Okay follow me. Tdm while the action from horde is happening simultaneously for BOTH TEAMS. The war between the cog and locust taking place on the battlefield between your AI bots verses Their AI bots. Both teams are facing a horde situation from the opposition AI all while trying to have a tdm. Now imagine this on a large scale (20v20 or12v12 hell why not 40v40 this is NEXT GEN we are talking about ) and on massive maps. Now if you take that experience and translate it into a team objective based mode like rush in battlefield this would be my dream overrun mode.

And I love your idea of this map being large enough to have a habitat for every style. If you want CQC you stay house to house and in clustered areas of the map… if you want this lancer fest other areas of the map should encourage it…BUT a gnasher wielding sliding wall bouncing veteran should be able to throw smokes threaten your game plan by having tools to get in range. and if you want to snipe you would overtake a tower on a hill or find little nests but also hope a person with a gnasher doesn’t drive to u and infiltrate your position.

A lot of good ideas you have there I honestly love it… and this is where the prone and a extra manual crouching and stealthing through the map (like your big boss hell yess) comes into the discussion it would make for a great gears of war experience… we just need to do this while maintaining the weight and let’s not overlook the satisfaction of gibbing. We can’t allow for this weightless feathery gibbing; this exaggerated overly animated cartoony mess that gibbing has become in gears of war 3 and beyond.

Keep it gears but we need to improve on ragdoll physics. I think you take these risks and this game could be game of the year one day… they have the horse power to compete with the upcoming halo graphics I’m sure. Gears and halo should be on the Mount Rushmore of Xbox shooters if u will. Lol I’d put battlefield pubg and cod up their too this is just my opinion. But don’t change gears too much from what it is right now this is my ultimate point. But take a few pages out of these titles books and be ambitious in order to evolve this series. These maps could be huge and even do it like BR on COD by putting different levels in one large map… for example DAY ONE and RAVEN DOWN could very well be blended into one area of a map and FUEL DEPOT and AVALANCHE perhaps may be on the other side of the map… I’m just throwing ideas at you guys here but this kinda could work. The areas in between may be places for more CQC or some rolling hills for snipers or smaller open areas could be for the lancers and hammer burst. Looking at you raven down.

Ofcourse all of these features need lots of tender love and care for it to work. And the secret recipe must and ALWAYS will be make this all work around gnasher the gnasher must NEVER fall from its grace. If you guys don’t like that pvp experience then you’re truly playing the wrong game. Sorry not sorry. Try fortnite maybe. Not dissing fortnite just my honest opinion. But maybe add other gnasher shotguns with a new look. Just to give the gnasher a new face. I’d love some 12 gauge pump shotgun. Or a antique shotgun with a wooden finish… make it still behave like gnasher almost to the point that one might say it was pointless to add it in. But there needs to be some more cosmetic choices for the sake of choice in shotgun. Call it something els other than gnasher maybe UIR have another type of shotgun but it’s just a gnasher under the hood. but in theory ultimately let this be an alternate gnasher and nothing more. The gnasher needs some siblings that match the exact performance of what we know the gnasher to be. It would be a welcomed addition to the gnasher. 100%

Btw I’m planning (dreaming of)on making a career out of giving this kind of incite on games via a YouTube channel hopefully some of you guys might enjoy that? I love video games with all my damn heart. Would love to do these kind of reviews and analysis for a living

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That’s a pretty good idea, I was avoiding saying killstreak so as to not push the CoD button but I think that’s doable.
I meant to specify that the really squishy enemies like Juvies, Tickers and Trackers would just be AI controlled that can be killed to build a smidge of score (nothing major, it’s sort of like Attrition in Titanfall).
Meanwhile, actual score/killstreaks could be a Swarmak, Berserker, Kestrel or Mega Mech.

I was thinking Scion and DR-1 could be a sort of heavy class that starts off with a Claw or Overkill (respectively). Slightly more health/armor but slower to compensate (Boomshields and Guardian barriers could be used to supplement the lack of cover), additionally they’d be uninhibited by heavy weapons unlike standard gears and drones.

Classes are already debatable, so I won’t press it further than this.
To clarify though, I’m not saying PvE style classes with skill cards and whatnot should be a thing in this. It is almost entirely loadout based with some minor discrepancies like movement speed and health (and it doesn’t need to be drastic). Chances are everyone’s just going to go ‘scout’ to have speed and a shotgun while ‘heavy’ is for noobs that can’t wallbounce and want to one-tap everything… Sorry, leaking salt.

But this is coming from someone that absolutely adores Gears of War and is carefully considering the lore to keep it “Gears of War”, so please don’t say it’s disrespectful to want more than the current Gnasher-fest. I’m not saying nerf it or anything like that… I just want to be able to step away from it and still be able to enjoy the same game that brought us together, just in my own way.

I pretty much agree with everything else you said though!


I will take back my comment on calling it disrespectful. Likewise man I agree with so much of what you said as well and I think that you and me are that merging of the two (pvp and pve fans) that needs to happen within gameplay I love your opinions on this as well and it’s incredibly refreshing to hear them from a fellow fan who is coming from the opposite spectrum (pve). Love the attrition idea that’s kinda exactly what I’m thinking. That is why I feel like classes and assigned weapons should be less of a focus. You should pick your favorite character and then customize your set up with whoever you choose to do so. but that comment about titanfall attrition mode that you mentioned is in fact kinda where I’m bouncing some of my ideas off of too. Good stuff man love that we see found a middle ground here. I really feel like I’m really on to something here and happy you chimed in man ur great too. Much appreciated.