The future of gears pvp. Vehicles? Prone? Crouch button? Also TC, we have to introduce (customizable?) stealth executions!

The evolution of gears HAS to be more players; bigger maps. This isn’t about maps keep reading. We need to move from 4v4/ 5v5 to 10v10 or 20v20 (while keeping the 4v4 and 5v5 type stuff in tact as well ofcourse). We then can have an appropriate conversation about a battle royale. But we are not gonna talk about battle royale and can’t talk about it without shaking up gameplay with larger maps and more players first.

Also, this is the only way I see that adding prone to character mechanics can make sense. Also add more bodies of water and a swimming character mechanic. Adding a manual crouch would push this game forward. Rather than only being able to crouch by roadie running or clicking the thumb stick when up against a wall. These are features that are great and I think you absolutely have to keep them. But just adding a light crouch that does not over exaggerate animations being brought into the mix is a necessary change to evolve this game. Gears in the future needs to be a game with a touch of Metal Gear Solid-like stealth with a touch of Player Unknown’s Battleground. Stealthing around the map in those two games is a good reference to use as example. Also pvp STEALTH EXECUTIONS! This would be epic. PVP Stealth executions TC I’ll save that for another post but let that one stick!!

Let’s really think about this. It has to come to a point where we have got to start thinking about a big team deathmatch with armored 4 seater jeeps with a trishot or mulcher on the back. Airborn vehicles like a banshee helicopters and something on land like a warthog driving around on maps the size of a bloodgulch if you will . We need that traditional experience and to not be afraid to make this the best shooter that it can be… MAKE YOUR OWN VERSION OF BATTLEFIELD bad company 2’s RUSH mode and take a close look at that particular map design on Rush from that specific installment of the BF franchise. Each enemy base you overtake opens up the map in a linear fashion that almost mimics the map progression of a campaign. Full of vehicles for transportation and added chaos and destruction.

While I’m on the topic of vehicles… I think every gun game with pvp should have a larger mode with maps that inlude the vehicles… but it must have some civilian vehicles as well because we all love the added lore and the “drive-by-attack,” and “cruising-with-your-mates” feeling that it gives. Games that feature vehicular combat without also involving miscellaneous civilian vehicles to the mix are just far behind in terms of level design in my opinion. We need smaller vehicles too like a bike or atv or jet skis. However! Let me just say the key thing here to make vehicles work. DO NOT MAKE MISERABLY FAKE AND GARBAGE MECHANICS ON YOUR VEHICLES LIKE CALL OF DUTY. I know I know, Doing the physics for a vehicle and making it not feel out of place in the map terrain can’t be simple… but long as you don’t make absolutely garbage pathetic vehicle mechanics like call of duty you will be fine…

In other words don’t play it safe like call of duty and make lousy vehicles that have no weight, no physics ,don’t flip over, and seem to have zero fall damage… try to add some believability to the vehicles. It doesn’t have to be as perfect as PUBG. I think halo is a great example and even some of the far cry games. GTA vehicles are well done… it does not have to be perfect but just DO NOT DO A CRAPPY, OVERLY SAFE JOB ON MECHANICS AND PHYSICS OF VEHICLES LIKE THE WAY IT IS IN CALL OF DUTY.

There is just one more thing I’d like to say… Okay I’ve been wanting this for a LONG TIME in gears… a SPARTA KICK! much like the one in assassins creed odyssey. Basically I want to kick my opponent off the edge of a cliff or kick him right into spikes or a cactus or electrical wires lol (I’m looking at you bulletstorm/ people can fly lol). And obviously we must keep things fair. opponent should have the same little window of opportunity to counter attack my Sparta kick just like mechanics for vaulting over the cover to kick an opponent or reaching over the cover to grab them. If you don’t agree with my take on things let this be the one thing that we can see eye to eye on… Sparta kick grubs in pvp into death traps lol amazing

Thank you all so much for your time please read this and take it into consideration TC thanks for trying your best.


Before we get bigger teams we need PVP to have better hit detection and servers not boot people.

If TC has issues with 5v5 and now 4v4, why would bigger battles work better?

If those issues are address I would have no issue with bigger battles, and wouldn’t mind seeing a wingman style mode except with squads of 4.


Yeah we need wingman back big time and yes you have a point, game needs work. I am more thinking ahead after they get everything in a good place this is what’s next I feel like these things would be the next leap. Kinda take a few pages out of halo vehicle implementation and add some character mechanics for stealth.
A good example: the way you sneak around the map in Player Unknown’s Battleground and Metal Gear Solid 5 have many things in common. Prone being one of the main mechanics in my opinion. TC I am okay with prone in gears and I think you should go for it in the future. If done correctly it will evolve gears into something much more. I think it’s time to add a manual crouch button as well. The only way to crouch should not be roadie running or clicking the thumb stick when up against a wall. You see these are great features and they need to stay but it won’t hurt the game to implement a light mild crouching that isn’t overly exaggerated animations and a nice steady heavy prone mechanic into mix. Change the maps up a bit to match this new feel I think this could work in the future.

And also how can you go wrong with stealth executions. But let me drop a huge jewel for you right here TC!!! The future of executions in gears of war 5 is this…(drum roll) TAG TEAM Executions!!! Drops mic* loll mind blowing. I can see them adding a few tag team executions to gears 5 and next big thing would be stealth kills in gears 6 and also executions that involve points of interests in the map. That could be a entire discussion for a forum I post later I suppose. But yeah man all in all I absolutely agree with you.


Couldn’t care less about a gears battle royale but a large scale 10v10 fight would be pretty cool. Big interesting maps full of lore.

Imagine a 10v10 gridiron for example or 10v10 gears 4 escalation or guardian :rofl:

Large-scale Wingman too as mentioned would be very cool.


A lot of these mechanics just don’t really mix well with the movement system lol at least with me

I would like to see a 10v10 tho, that’d be sick

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Stealth execution and crouching sound reasonable but the others? They belong to a different genre.

What’s next? First person view?


Lol. You just rattled off COD features. Just play COD.


Pretty sure he used every other shooter as a comparison instead but okay lol :rofl:

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I like the idea of bigger maps and vehicles used in gears, it would be pretty fun to reenact the Pendulum Wars with one side playing UIR and other playing COG. and also the Locust War and playing Locust and COG. but i think i would rather see TC make a polished game and it be good at launch. TCs gotta put the best aspects of 4 and 5 together and make 6 and then i will have faith in seeing TC wanting to branch out.


Yes, to a Big Team mode. I don’t care if it’s a large base bombing mode or overrun style or even Halo 5 warzone style. Or even big team TDM.

Keep classic lancer/gnasher starts in an arena Playlist with all the classic maps.
And create big lore based map where we can start with hammerburst and markza etc. All the weapons from gears lore games could be possible in the bigger mode. Breechshot Booshka hammer of dawn.

Gears of War needs a large scale combat mode. Doesn’t have to be battle Royale at all for me personally. Make your own thing.

If this franchise can’t do this due to “netcode” and is struggling with even 4v4 then how can this series survive and why support it?


TC needs to have their ¨gears 3¨ before they can branch out imo. They are very capable of doing it and we can all agree that we should give them props for at least trying out new things to freshen up the game but not alot of what they try works. gears 4 and 5 have good concepts and ideas and they need to mesh them together with a weapon tuning that 75% of the gears community can agree with. obviously im not saying 100% because there are always in a community people who will not like it. and obviously a movement tuning that we enjoy.

Basically they need to just improve their public relations with us and I thank Kilo for trying to mend some of that. hes a good guy and i hope he stays with us for awhile.


Stealth excecution? It’s called sneaking up with ur shotgun

This game would cater to a whole different audience. Other games do this vary well, I would assume the transition for gears would be extremely painful. To see any of these ideas in a gears game, it would have to be a complete spin off, which would compete with the main.

Gears typically like to invent and do things their own way. The game has mostly evolved from the original, making slight changes along the way.

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But as painful as that transition may be. I think this would be the final product for gears. I do agree with taking more of these risks in a spin off first but ultimately they should introduce whatever that works in this spin off straight into gears of war and urgently so. This spin off should be a great military game that could very well become extremely popular but I think at the same time they should consider this game more of a tool to make the best gears of war possible in the long run. A safe space to overhaul the gears combat and character mechanics! This way they can experiment with these things until they get them right.

Just a whole new title with no link to the gears of war story. I would love a gears spin off that is a military shooter with crouching proning and vehicles as mentioned in OP. Depthy gun customizations and real world weapons instead. ww2 or Vietnam would probably be a very special and perfect fit for our gears of war style gameplay. Ahh so damn exciting to think about haha but honestly If they don’t make a ww2 or Vietnam or modern warfare weaponry third person shooter (which would be dopeeeee) I would rather have them put these mechanics straight into gears at some point in a future title. I believe in the talent over at TC.

Wow, who is your dealer and what is his number?


Well, we have stealth kills in PvE. But I don’t see those working in PvP with how things currently work. Nor do I see any point in crouching or whatever else in PvP or even PvE unless the game was FPS based and/or open world based with other features specifically built around using those. And I don’t see Gears going anywhere near FPS, not even as an option alongside the usual TPS view.


I appreciate your feedback man. Everyone thanks for chiming in. Lots of big love to you all. Except the guy who asked who’s my dealer or watever piss off im not on anything. And stop acting like u can handle heavy drugs I bet you would tap out the quickest lol. Back to the topic.

Just try to think about this though.I want you all to think of metal gear solid 5 with its player controls right? Now picture all those controls layered over and fused into the gears of war mechanics and cover system. A fusion of all of those character mechanics. Do you guys know what it could do for this franchise? Don’t just think of prone and crouch and vehicles. Realize this, you would then be able to climb ledges, Grabbing ledges to climb up areas. Jumping taller fences and walls as well. This would bring you some maps with more verticality! That means more variety! All while creating a few new strategic opportunities.(Bunker had a climb able latter. To me this means they already have considered trying to add a little bit of that verticality already!)

I’ve given this a lot of thought for a long time and its the best thing I can picture for gears in the future man. Obviously they can improvise on some of this but I can really see gears evolving in this direction in the future in terms of level of control you have over your character. I’m okay with them not adding prone to gears im not saying that they need to do this. At the end of the day I just am brainstorming ideas for this franchise because I would love to see it grow and I want the interactions and the battles in pvp to be more and more satisfying.

And people keep forgetting that the hammer burst went into first person iron sights in gears of war 3. It doesn’t have to be a first person shooter just that the gears of war avatar should move like a blend of what it already is with somethin like pubg and metal gear solid 5.

Here is really my main point eveeryone.I just have this idea that they should slowly give more freedom to the player and the way he interacts with his surroundings at the end of the day atleast that much is true. Hey if they don’t do this and they keep things the way it is fine no love lost but I’m just trying to think of the most ambitious thing gears could do while trying to picture it in a way that would make the most sense to me.

Like you said they added stealth executions to pve and probably campaign which I still need to beat. I think that more and more games are giving players that freedom of being stealthy if they wish to do so and even gears is (somewhat awkwardly) intoducing it in escape mode with those dormant db’s. The hide in the tall bush mechanic is outdated and gimmicky but somehow being a ninja is becoming a part of the players freedom when u look at the direction that game design has been going currently and I don’t necessarily think this is bad if done correctly. Some people wanna feel like a bad ■■■ and sneak behind someone and stealth kill and see some cool knife animation or watever. I personally love the way halo did its stealth executions in the pvp extremely satisfying lol.

But yeah my closing sentence? This: Im sure we all can agree about this. Climbing up ledges to get to a good area and jumping fences and walls is really something I would welcome to gears if not anything els. Also this: everything we speak about must work gracefully around the gnasher because it’s all about that gnasher like it or not.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the changes, but TC needs to be careful about what they do(and most importantly not try things that failed in the past, looking at you hero system that was a failure straight from the beginning and was already not well received in Judgement). Plus, while I don’t play PvP, it’s overwhelmingly obvious most just want it to be a Gnasherfest with occasional power weapon and Lancer/Snub usage. Already not a big PvP guy but I have even less interest of trying it in Gears because of that.

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The gnasher is something els you must embrace the challenge of learning that gnasher in pvp haha. You have to embrace the challenge of pvp in gears in general or it’s gonna be a bad time. But it’s something you just kinda fall in love with the more you master it. And when u think gears you know u have to take on the challenge if you want it to be fun. Gears is a game that when it doesn’t go your way it’s gonna push you away. You have to know what kind of challenge you’re getting yourself into and I don’t like the team shying away from that. I respect your opinion but one thing that I wish you could overcome is that it’s a very punishing game and used to be even more punishing. Not everyone will have enough time to take out of their day to get good at it. But once u realize what a fun challenge it is and when you start seeing some success you will never put it down haha.

Thing is that I’m not usually a big CQC guy. Of course I get there is an appreciation for it and I do use one melee role fairly frequently in Horde atm, but that’s also down to some boredom with the game. Constantly only using one shotgun as main weapon and occasionally going for other stuff, nah, I’m fine.