The future of Gears (Gears 6)

The reason why i write this is simple. I love Gears and TC, but they don’t love me.
TC don’t respect good players with a good connection.
These 3 points have to be fix, because they kill this game.

  1. Matchmaking: please don’t put high pingers and level 1 players into my lobby
  2. Team Balancing: Most of the time i get the noobs into my team and my back can’t take this anymore.
    Being MVP and still losing is no fun.
  3. Connection: remove lag on purpose. It’s so evident, that this game tries to balance out all the players in the lobby. Artificial lag kills this game and disrespect your fans.

Call of Duty is doing the same and therefore playing shooters online is no fun anymore.

All i want are good players with a good connection, no P2P connection and no lag on purpose.

TC, i belive in you!

It’s a funny thing that in Gears 1, first time players got secret buffs to encourage people to play more. I wonder if they still do that.

In Gears 5 the players get real time buff. The game is analysing all the time and tries to balance out the teams.

Gears 3 had a playlist for new recruits where there was buffing but once a number of games are played they are put in the normal playlists where there is no buffing. If you’re profile showed you played Gears or maybe Gears vs before you couldn’t gain access to the beginner’s Playlist. Not sure about the other Gears games.

Step 1: have a player base and population and keep them there. Can’t release a half ■■■ game and expect a decent experience. It’s one thing for the matchmaking to suck (quitters for example with no proper solution) but to top it off if people don’t play your game then it’s all for nothing. Microsoft and Epic did better at marketing imo than what we’ve seen recently with gears 5. No one plays it not only because it isn’t good enough compared to other games, but it doesn’t even look cool anymore to the average gamer. I can’t recall a cinematic trailer. Bring the gore back too.


Don’t build a game around esports. Build esports around your game. Thats what made Hypefestation so fun. Gears Esports isn’t inclusive. Especially since you have to take ten minutes to explain wth is going on in Escalation. I’ve watched DotA and its easier to explain than frigging Escalation.


Gears 5 has it too. I think it’s called new recruit.
We definitely need next level gore. The game looks good, but it is too static.
A better physics engine is a must!

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This should be one of the commandments of game development


the Versus portion of this game needs to go Free-to-Play. Have Gears 6 be a campaign only SKU

This perpetual cycle of building maps, modes and the base game over and over again is such a waste of time and money. How many Gridlocks have we seen? 5?

Build a stand alone F2P Versus Gears of War title that can be worked on and evolve over the next 10 years. no lore constraints, no need to end support after three years, they can build a massive library of characters & maps, F2P ensures a solid playerbase.

Halo Infinite is going this route


The problem i see with Free-to-Play is, that there will be a lot of Hackers and Cheaters.
Warzone is full of it, because it’s free. They just make a new account when they get caught.

Idk how TC can improve. They learn all the wrong lessons and change their game way too often. And fans are never pleased. (Including me).

I’m just gonna try to enjoy whatever happens. I want a fast, skill-based game with no ranking system. But we’ll see