The future of Gears 6?

Alright so we all know what has been transpiring since the UE launch day and now with the official launch tomorrow, how do you think it will affect the game even more? With this in mind, how much does this concern you with a Gears 6 release in a few years? I know it’s a few years away, but how much of a bad taste has this week left you with?

please no more gears until Cliff Bleszinski takes back the lead. - me and my friend´s are not ready for political correct character´s with “emotional story” from a bad ■■■ pissed off steroid game.


Git gud Tony

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I am gud CLOWN. It is you would must be the gitter of gudness


Incel alert


Currently I’m not happy about how the game plays and the “all games are like this at launch” argument is quite stale.This game has a lot of issues and even IF they were all magically fixed by tomorrow for the official launch Id still be pretty mad since I paid for the early access. Im hoping that because the game launched on Gamepass Ultimate there wont be a huge influx of players because I don’t have faith in the servers.

As far as 6 goes, I hope it’s the last one. Yeah I love the franchise, but I think it’s time to end. I’m getting worried they’re going to just try to throw something together and 6 will be a sloppy rushed mess.


It’s not even PC.

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He’s not even using the term PC correctly. He’s just trying to mask that he has a problem with a female lead character.

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Gotta love the gamer misogyny, amirite?

Even seen some people on here get homophobic af over the pride flags

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I’ve purchased and played Gears 1 through 4 on release day , and I pre-ordered Gears 5, I pretty much only bought my xbox one to play Gears… I almost bought the Ultimate edition for $80, but opted to pre-order the standard and just get the $2 game pass to play the early release, I am glad I did! This game is terrible all around, I had high hopes for it and planned to put a lot of time into it like the other Gears games, but this one is a total let down in my book. Gears 5 is the first game I have ever canceled a pre-order on. The Coalition really screwed the pooch on this one, and if Gears 6 is anything like 5, I will not be wasting my money on it. Thanks again, Microsoft, for letting my test out Gears 5 with the $2 game pass! You saved me $80 bucks!


Its not homophobic to say “why is this in a video game?” What next a vegan flag? Or how about i donate to dogs trust flag?

Essentially development time is wasted on little things like flags that have nothing to do with gears when actual gears related flags could of been implemented instead.


On topic with the thread

The campaign has been the highlight of the experience for me, if the MP stays how it is then i will watch 6’s story on youtube and save my money.

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Why were there national flags in the last game? Those don’t have anything to do with Gears, and yet, I didn’t see anyone complain about that, so it does bring your personal beliefs into question when you’re asking a question like that.

It’s a flag that costs money only to those who want to pay for it. If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t, but complaining about it or questioning why it exists is pointless.

Having those flags in there doesn’t hurt anyone either though.

Imo they could really do promotions with these things for different charities and that doesn’t have to halt creating gears related flags. Honestly those are probably the easiest things to make in the game anyways.

To be honest I can’t believe how many people are so upset about such trivial things.

I don’t think country flags should be in it either, sexual orientation or country flags are the colour blast of player emblems. Nothing more than pointless filler.

Somehow I still keep being surprised at what tiny teeny things enrages Gears people. Now it’s flags and marks. Bloody hell, take a walk though the forest to calm down.


Well tc burned me on that worthless season pass for gears of money 4, and the blatant cash grab that it was. Then throw in this disaster of a launch on gears of money 5. Then add the fact that horde is no longer horde. And you took away my freedom of choice in said game mode, naw if tc is in charge of 6 I will not fork over money for it. I play for free on game pass
I wasted 99 for 4
And 80 for the train wreck of 5.

I definitely saw someone rage yesterday in a post about how it was becoming “Q***rs of War”, as they said, with the addition of the pride flags. So yeah, there’s that…

I’m not holding out much hope for the next one. Gears 5 I’m playing because I spent the $2 for the 2 months of Ultimate Game Pass (with like 90% shovel-ware games). If things aren’t changed by the time those 2 months are up, I won’t be getting it pre-owned/black Friday sale.