The future maps

I would love to have some darks maps for future content, The only closer map right now to the original vibe of Gears is Asylum, the rest are the regular “sunny” maps.

I miss those dark and creepy maps like Bullet marsh, Mansion, Rooftops, subway, hail, I cant be the only one wanting to have more darks maps


I agree


Even tho it’s a bright map, i did like Azura quite a lot. River and Ruins need to make a comeback as well :blush:

River needs to stay burrowed in the Locust Hell tunnels where it belongs.

I agree… But that’s going to make those terminator skins even harder to see.

Can you imagine playing on the gears 4 version of clocktower with those things? :unamused:

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I’d like to see river return from gears 2 and avalanche was pretty fun for horde.

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Night version of River would be perfect! Since there not making new maps. Bring back the maps from Gears 1,2 and 3. They are having a hard time making good maps since the new studio took over. So i want to make it easy on them. Bring back the OG Maps and Characters! ASAP! The 7 maps and 1 OG characters are very stale! Would like to see the Digger make a return! Lots of good old content that could be used from the OG studio! Call Cliff and friends they would probably drop what there doing to help resurrect his baby!