The Fu#%ing Wakatu glitch is back

Playing Tomb on Master successfully killed it at wave 10. then at wave 20 with team in the groove the POS bird dives and does not come back.
So frustrating that the Dev team does not understnd regression testing.
I dont like the Wakatu convept when it works. its a total deviation from the monsters Gears is known for. and 1 it burrows the siize it is, and it spits acid?

It’s back? No, more like they haven’t fixed it.

Total coincidence but I had it on wave 8 of a Frenzy just an hour ago too. And, unsurprisingly, the cause was the game trying to spawn the Wakaatu’s hitbox inside of a tap after it went under the ground, LIKE PLAYERS HAD ALREADY IDENTIFIED way back when this first started happening.

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Yeah the bird is annoying. Decoys are really good at getting it’s attention and ice is effective against it. Kill it as quickly as possible I suppose. I rarely experience it stopping a run, but if it still happens this is the advice I can offer.

Not much use if it burrows once after getting its first venom gland shot off, then gets stuck immediately afterward.


I got lucky. We got Flying Avocado on wave 12 in Frenzy but luckily it didn’t get stuck.

But maaaan, this bug is annoying!

We played two Roulettes after that. No Wakaatus, the only annoying things are Flock, Matriarch or Bastion spam with a wave of shieldable enemies.

So of course we saw all but one of those. At least I had fun running around like an undefeatable juggernaut on wave 4 amidst the Devastator/Lambent spawn. The Salvos couldn’t touch me when I was running with the ult up as BM(level 5 damage res perk), even without a bleeding enemy nearby. Dare I say it actually felt like it was balanced and that the resistance was worth something instead of having to get pushed to 90+% to do anything other than buy you a second or two.

But I’m trailing off into a different subject. Not like TC is actually going to do anything because they cut the line between them and the game before fixing - and I mean properly, not “We say we fixed it but didn’t actually” - the one actually game breaking bug.

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Unpopular opinion : The Wakaatu freaking sucks.

I wouldn’t call it unpopular. It was a reasonably interesting/challenging Horde boss initially, until people figured out how to deal with it. Now it’s just a bullet sponge on the level of annoyance that a Matriarch provides.

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The funny thing about this is Robotic Experts can solo the thing quite fast. I do believe the bird becomes more of an issue when you don’t have access to cryo cannons. Without them I would hate not having some kind of boss smasher tbh.

I find it to be a nuisance more than anything. At this point it’s a less dangerous Kestrel. Provides more of a threat when it’s not flying around and can pop up behind you, but it seems to spend less time doing that than being in the air, no thanks to the venom glands being so easy to knock off.

And yes, Robo’s DR-1 is a hard counter to the bird. I once saw it get melted within seconds by the damn thing after someone froze it. The only problems there are having big bird in a position where the bot won’t get nuked out of existence, or having a robo in the first place(and I’ve been seeing an odd resurgence of Mechanics lately - still hate the turret summon freeze when playing on Xbox btw - and a random engi likely won’t have much of a clue how to use the DR-1 properly).

I still stand by my point that it’s more of a nuisance than anything actually difficult. Good Campaign boss, but kind of lame in Horde(like big momma, the only thing it’s good for is bullying it to death).

Change my mind: the Wakakaka is god tier

Wakanda forever.

Maybe you should be friendlier to the Wakunt and it won’t hide from you as often.

Yes! Use the Cryo Cannon & give that bird a fresh frozen death. :slight_smile:

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Maybe the Queen Arachnid (from Far Cry 5) as a new boss for Horde!?
Of course with a Queen Arachnid glitch after she burrowed herself!