The Four Times XP KOTH

I don’t know if I am just absolutely crazy or bad at math- but I just finished a KOTH game with 52 kills, 18 captures, and 12 defends, and I only got roughly 5,000 XP. I don’t understand how that holds up to there claim of Four Times XP, does that mean I originally only got 1,250? Just doesn’t make sense. Help TC.

i believe it’s ranked only social and AI do not give the xp bonus

I was in ranked bruh, thanks though for trying to help.

maybe it hasnt started yet or not implemented atm? its happened before maybe something happened but 5000 for a koth match is low

Who knows at this point.

Must be a bug, try exit the game and reboot xbox to see if that helps. Though by the time you read this post, the issue sorts itself out.

I get like 52k exp for that much kills and caps.

How many games can you get in an hour?

2 at most but maybe 3? If the match goes quickly. People seem to be intentionally farming xp LOL

As matches seem to always go to third round and the losing team suddenly playing sweaty

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I was getting 30,000+ xp for koth games, last night…

The matchmaking is stupid. I just tried to get a game for koth. I got into lobbys that all crashed bc ppl quit. I almost got a game and was disconected for no reason! My internet is good and all. The game just rejected me and im ban from online play for 15 min bc of it…
Did this happened to someone else??

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Yesterday I got kicked by the game but I managed to get back in fine.

Its a real problem, i was ban from matchmaking even though it wasnt my fault at all.

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Last night my wife and I tried playing KOTH. Lobbies kept dissolving, it even changed characters on us both st one point which has never happened. I had BS UIR selected and it showed me griffin. She had day of the dead kait and it showed Anya. We weren’t even touching our controllers.

Anyway, she finally got banned for 30 min due to it kicking us out. She signed in through an alt and then we both played one match. Both of us got 0 credits and roughly 5000 XP or so for that match


I really want to know the stats on who is playing GOW 4 compared to GOW 3 right now…been seeing a lot of gamers switching to 2 and 3 lately…surprised that people still play 4 with these major problems

Imo they’ll never release stats like this or game sales anymore imo. We didnt even get stats how much the Gears 1 remake sold. Just only 50% of players are new to the franchise.

Oh yeah I know that. I know it was claimed that more people played GOW 4 than GOW 3 at the 18 month mark which I would still like to know the numbers but now would be a great comparison with all these problems